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Your website is important when it comes to
Defining Your Brand
Building Awareness
Establishing Relationships
Strengthening Your Credibility
Whose Job Is This Anyway?

If you were planning on turning website management over to a teacher, secretary, or the IT department—perish the thought! For one thing, all those people have a lot on their plate already.

Teachers need to focus their time and talents on student learning, developing lesson plans, creating activities, and helping individual students.

Secretaries have many responsibilities. Keeping a website up to date is time-consuming, and you can't expect secretaries to become website experts on top of everything else.

Although they have the technical skills, they don’t have the requisite communication credentials to turn your website into a strategic marketing tool.

The clear choice for your school website is to hire someone with the time and skills to devote to keeping it updated and beautiful.

If you have a communications professional on staff, great! School Webmasters services can help their marketing and communications efforts function to their greatest potential by allowing them to focus on communications rather than becoming coding or CMS experts. Working seamlessly with your staff, we’ll keep your website current, beautiful, and intuitive, while your communications staff focuses on other important strategic communications. 

Don’t have a communications department? Not a problem! When you choose to revamp your website with School Webmasters, communications specialists are exactly who you’re hiring for your team. For less than it would cost per month to hire a new employee to focus on your website, School Webmasters offers you an entire team of copywriters and updaters dedicated to the success of your website.

All-In-One Marketing
Our dedication to your school’s marketing efforts goes beyond your website needs. Here’s how School Webmasters can answer all your marketing needs, whether you have an in-house communications staff or not:
Webmaster Services
  • Team of professionals to continually update the website 
  •  No training 
  •  Saves your staff time--updates take our team an average of 15 minutes each 
  •  Customer support
School Public Relations
  • Part-time communications coordinator takes the burden of marketing off your staff
  • Facilitate the flow of meaningful, current communications to your community
  • Execute strategic communications projects
  • In the trenches collecting stories, planning activities, and implementing campaigns
Social Media for Schools
  • Professional social media management
  • Dedicated team of social media experts
  • Best practices for posting and management
  • Easy collaboration