Marketing your School

Many people only associate the ideas of branding and marketing to businesses, not schools, but that’s a big mistake. Your school has to compete for students, quality staff and, therefore, funding! If you ignore school marketing, you do so at your own peril.

It’s essential for school administrators to realize that marketing your school is an important part of your job as your school’s CEO. Because your school website tells the world who you are as educators, and the story you tell there, if not done well, can weaken your likelihood of attracting students, increasing enrollment, and keeping them through graduation.

In addition to developing and managing highly functional school sites, School Webmasters offers branding and communication services that include everything from using digital technology for sharing videos and designing logos and print materials to providing on-site public relations and communications support, a marketing course for the non-marketer, and social media management.

Marketing for schools doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Done right, it builds trust, demonstrates transparency, highlights your successes, and creates raving fans–who will then continue to be part of your school marketing efforts year after year. In fact, school marketing is more a matter of telling your school’s stories, sharing your pride in staff and student wins, and living your values than it is about sales. It’s all about communication done right.

Find out more about how we can help your school grow and assist with you with your school marketing efforts using communications and public relations strategies. Let School Webmasters help you put some strategy behind your school communications and make marketing for schools a part of effective school websites.