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At School Webmasters, we understand your school district websites’ needs. Your school’s website is the key feature in comprehensive communication and marketing strategy, and School Webmasters offers the only full support services of its kind. Whether you are a public school, charter school, private school, faith-based school, or educational organization, we can help your website work harder for you by providing the communication and recruitment results it should.
When it comes to your online communication needs, School Webmasters might just be your best solution. Beyond the typical school district website design, you’ll get partners to help you manage your new school web pages day in and day out.

Website Services

We go above and beyond for our clients. Please visit these pages to learn more about our unmatched school sites services:

Let us show you how easy we make it for you to have school websites that market your school, recruits the best employees, attracts quality students, improves your customer service, and highlights your unique qualities. For far less than you are paying to keep these chores in-house, you get skilled school website designers, copywriters, and public relations experts dedicated to making and keeping your school’s website informative and current while keeping your site ADA compliant. Enjoy a school district web design that presents a professional image to your shareholders—those parents, students, and community members who look to you to educate our nation’s youth.

Responsive web design

How it works!

Unlike other school website providers, we will make this whole process as painless as possible for you. Once you’ve selected School Webmasters, we will schedule a phone conference with you and your dedicated project coordinator (PC). She will find out what you need and then assign a team of experts to get started. Your team will include:

  • A copywriter (who will let your PC know if she needs any additional information from you) and she’ll write website content that is informative, inviting, and accurate. She will also develop a sitemap to be sure we accomplish your site goals.
  • A graphic designer (to make whatever level of website you select look professional, be uniquely branded for your school, and have intuitive and easy-to-use navigation).
  • A layout team (this will include folks from the User Interface team, content layout, and graphics layout teams) to make sure everything fits together seamlessly whether your site is viewed from a desktop computer or a mobile phone.
  • Proofers & editors (to make sure the content and images are correct, the links work, and there are no errors or typos on the new site).
  • ADA compliance folks will make sure your new school website meets all website accessibility standards. This means it will be WCAG 2.0 compliant. They assure that all your images have Alt Text, colors and images pass color contrast standards, your site is navigable without a mouse, and many other requirements (in 16 different categories).
  • Once you’ve approved the final product, we will help you take your new website live. We’ll even provide you with a sample press release (or we can help you write one) so you can show off your beautiful new site to your community.
  • Then we provide as many of your staff, as you will allow, to have easy access to our team of dedicated website updaters. These guys and gals will get all that information, news, photos, videos, calendar items, newsletters, and whatever else you care to send in, onto the website. We’ll not only get the information where it belongs (a newsletter might have a few news articles, some upcoming events, reminders to parents, awards, staff recognition, etc.) which will all be placed in the most advantageous spot on your new site, but if we see a way to get more communications mileage out of something you send in, we’ll make some recommendations about how we can do that (With your permission, of course. YOU are the boss of us). We can even help you turn an event into an engaging story. If we manage your social media, we will then integrate all the news and events there as well. If you need public relations support, on the ground, we’ll hire and manage a part-time person for that as well.
  • Oh, and then the Quality Control team also does ongoing quality control checks, just to be sure there are no broken links, no outdated information on the site, and that the various mobile views remain still pristine.

Nope! We weren’t kidding when we said we’ll make it easy for you. If you select one of the many CMS providers, here is what you can expect:

  • A website template/design (and maybe they will migrate your existing content to the new site, sometimes for an additional fee). This means that unless you rewrite and organize your website from scratch, if you have old, outdated, or disorganized information there before, you will again. Some of our clients have called this “putting lipstick on a pig.” Not a good thing, so don’t go there!
  • You might receive some training (which you will probably pay for, by the way).
  • That’s it! You are on your own. All updates, strategy, ADA compliance, selecting royalty-free images, proofing, editing, quality control, training, etc., requires using your staff (at their hourly wages or stipends, using whatever skillsets they may or may not have for website management, communications, public relations, or marketing).

Or, maybe you’ll let us do all of this for as low as $149 per month? If this sounds interesting, we hope you’ll give us a call today at 888-750-4556 and ask for Jim or request a no-pressure quote.

School Website Specialists

School Webmasters has focused on developing websites for schools for the past 14 years. We found that many schools needed more than just a website CMS software, they needed the expertise to put it together and manage it day in and day out. Over the years we’ve come to understand what schools and educational organizations need. It is our goal is to turn your website and social media into the effective communication resource it can be. It should engage parents, save your staff time, provide outstanding school PR, and market your school. With our full-service website management, we can do just that.

We specialize in the following types of educational organizations and we take great pride in making your school shine:

When you need an affordable responsive school website, look no further. With the quality of an expensive, prep-school website and the cost that fits your real-world budget, you will be amazed at what you can have by putting School Webmasters to work for you.