School Marketing Services

Marketing is NOT what it used to be. Simply running an ad no longer cuts it. If you expect to compete in the increasingly competitive educational landscape, you better be ready to step up your game. And, it won’t be by using the old, traditional “interrupter” marketing methods unless you are a nationwide, online school. You also can’t assume that just because you are the neighborhood public school that you are the only game in town, because you are not. Your competitors include charter schools, private schools, homeschooling, and online schools.

So, what’s a school to do?

If traditional forms of marketing no longer work (known as “outbound marketing,” where you are blasting out your marketing messages in hopes that some of it hits your targeted audience), what are the smarter, effective, and more affordable options?

Solution: Inbound Marketing

(also called digital marketing or content marketing)

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is marketing that draws customers to you when they have the need for the services or information you provide. This means the customers (parents) are in control and if you want to be considered in their decision-making, you have to be where they are going for information.

To learn what “inbound marketing” is all about, check out Inbound Marketing for Schools, Part I. To learn how to do it yourself, check out Inbound Marketing for Schools, Part II. But, when you need some help, let School Webmasters provide an affordable solution.

To request a quote on marketing services for your school, fill out the marketing price request form on the right side of this page. Our partners are Truth Tree, one of the most respected and successful school marketing agencies around. They expertly provide all the marketing services your school will ever need. See some of Truth Tree’s available services below.

If you also need pricing information on school website design and management, complete our website price quote form as well.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving your searchability on search engines. For example, if your school is located in St. Louis, Missouri, and someone searches for a private school in St. Louis, you want to be the first Google result.

Your school’s website must demonstrate authority, relevance, and importance based on the user’s search to rank well.

To accomplish this, our services include:

  • Website & digital footprint audit
  • Target market review
  • Keyword research
  • On-site optimization & implementation
    • Metatags & descriptions
    • Image optimization
    • Copy optimization
  • Off-site optimization & implementation
    • Google My Business optimization
    • Optimization on relevant listing platforms
    • Site indexing & bookmarking
    • Inbound content recommendations & execution (see our content marketing opportunities for creating this content).

Cost: $2,000/mo (content creation fees additional)

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

SEM/PPC is the most important frontline tactic in any sound digital campaign.

Think: Google search and display ads

With this tactic, you can place ads ahead of organic listings and show searchers headlines and descriptions that match their search query. By showing the right people the right ad at the right time, it is highly likely they will enthusiastically click on your ad.

We custom-create campaigns based on your marketing and enrollment goals and make adjustments as those goals shift and evolve.

Social Media Marketing (also a PPC service)

SMM (think: Facebook ads), is primarily “educated disruption.”

What we mean is that people do not actively search for schools on social media. Once they learn about schools, they use social media for proof of value through reading reviews, person-to-person interactions, and content engagement and to get a sense of a school’s general ethos.

Based on your specific goals, we may use social media for several reasons, including:

  • brand awareness
  • event marketing
  • content marketing
  • remarketing
  • retargeting

Single Platform SEM or SMM

$1,885/month + ad spend

Choose (1) Platforms: Examples: Google/YouTube, Bing, Facebook/Instagram, Nextdoor, TikTok, LinkedIn, & More

  •  Search & Display Ads
  •  Retargeting & Remarketing
  •  Geofencing
  •  Pixel & Tag Manager Conversions

Two Platforms SEM/SMM

$2,885/month + ad spend

Choose (2) Platforms: Examples: Google/YouTube, Bing, Facebook/Instagram, Nextdoor, TikTok, LinkedIn, & More

  •  Search & Display Ads
  •  Retargeting & Remarketing
  •  Geofencing
  •  Pixel & Tag Manager Conversions

All-in-One Program

  • $4,100/mo + ad spend
  • SEO
  • (2) Platform SEM/SMM
  • Plus: (1) Custom landing page

All of the above programs include:

  • Monthly quantitative and qualitative reports
  • Real-time, interactive reporting dashboard
  • Local, regional, national, & international campaigns
  • Ad creation (for SEM/SMM) & display ad graphic designs
  • Landing page consulting (for SEM/SMM)