Google My Business for Schools

Google My Business is a free tool for organizations, including schools, to manage their profile on Google Search and Google Maps. But in order to benefit from your school’s profile, you need to take the time to manage it.

Cost $499

School Webmasters will:

  • Gather the information necessary to maximize your account
  • Deliver customized recommendations for your school
  • Create and post optimized content
  • Turn management over to you with instructions and tips to maintain your listing and review your stats

Your school will:

  • Connect with and better understand your audience
  • Generate more traffic to your website
  • Increase your chances of being found by parents looking for the programs and activities your school offers

Why do I need a Google My Business profile for my school?

If your school is invested in marketing (and it should be), then you need to “fish where the fish are.” One of the best and easiest ways to market your school is to utilize your Google My Business (GMB) profile to its highest advantage.

GMB lets you maximize your school’s visibility in an organic search. Before parents visit your school’s website, they are likely to encounter your GMB profile, making it essential to raise awareness of your school and what it has to offer. Not only does your profile highlight crucial information about your school, but it also features positive reviews. No school administrator, especially those working in recruitment, enrollment, or admissions, would ever want to miss out on such an opportunity.

It is well worth the effort to add GMB to your school’s marketing efforts. Read more about the school marketing benefits of GMB on our blog: Pick Me! Pick Me!

Benefits of GMB for your school

  • It’s free!
  • Your searchers will immediately see mobile-friendly information that matters to them in their research.
  • It improves your search visibility.
  • You’re directly connected to Google Search and Google Maps. (When a potential student or family is searching for a school in an “area near me,” Google will find your school and show it to a potential family.)
  • Improved insights. A Google My Business page lets you see who is looking at your page, making it easier to target them with further advertising efforts.
  • You can easily review and manage your online reputation.
  • You can encourage and respond to reviews.
  • Your school will stand out from its competitors.
  • You will understand your customers to better meet their needs.

Need some help? Hire School Webmasters!

While claiming and setting up your Google My Business account isn’t difficult, it does take time and a bit of dedication. If this is just one more thing you don’t have the time to tackle, School Webmasters can do it for your school. We’ll gather the information necessary to maximize your account, make customized recommendations for your school, create and post optimized content, and turn it over to you, along with instructions and tips, to maintain your listing and review your stats. Easy peasy!

Use Google My Business to:

  • connect with and understand your audience,
  • generate more traffic to your website, and
  • increase your chances of being found by parents looking for the programs and activities your school offers.

If you can provide more quality information and content even before your viewers click on your website’s link, then why not do it? If you’re not already doing so, let us start building your listing on Google.