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marketing strategy
What is a Web first school marketing strategy?

For schools, marketing strategies typically mean targeting prospective students for enrollment and recruiting quality staff. Whether yours is a private school, a public school, or a charter school, your existence depends on student enrollment and effective staff.

One of the most affordable and beneficial marketing efforts any school can utilize is an effective school website. So, let's talk about how to make your school website more effective.

24 websites for students
Top 24 Websites for School Students that Actually Look Great!
Educational websites for students and parents

To help parents, students, and teachers find helpful learning resources, we've compiled this list of great free and paid websites. We've sifted through hundreds of educational websites to find the top 24 that we think will best meet the requirements and sensitivities of high school students.

Instagram for schools
More Instagram for Schools
Stories, Highlights, and Other New Instagram Tips for Schools

You know about Instagram—it’s the photo-sharing, mobile-based, social platform that appeals to every generation from x to z. But when it comes to social media for schools, many school administrators may question whether or not the return on investment makes it worth the time and effort it requires to manage it. Let's find out!

get your school website to come to the top of search engines
Content Marketing to Attract Student Prospects
Show Up at the Top of Prospective Student & Parent Searches

Website content is the foundation for ranking well on search engine results pages (SERPs). That's why many schools use content marketing strategies to show prospective students they're a perfect fit.

school website value
What Is Your School Website’s Value?

You already know that your school's website is a major contact point between you and a visitor. As a common rule, the internet is the first place your target audience will go to understand who you are and what you want to do. So how do you attract more visitors, generate interest, and stand out from other websites?

hire quality teaching staff
Hire Top-Quality Teachers by Focusing Your School Website on What Teachers are Seeking

When you are looking for qualified teachers, for example, you want to find teachers who appreciate and seek to work in a school with your values and services. Evidence shows that one of the first steps job seekers will do when they learn of your job openings is visit your school website site to get a feel for what your school offers. Does your school site provide that?

school branding
Is Your School Website Communicating Your Brand?

Whether it's a teacher looking for a potential position at your school, a parent thinking about the right placement for their kids, or a student researching the best school to help him reach his lofty goals, they need to understand your strengths and the benefits of going with your school. That's where your school website comes in!

Extra-curricular activities
Grow Your Student Enrollment through Targeted Extra-Curricular Sections on Your School Website

What are you most proud of at your school? What are your stand-out programs? Does your school offer amazing extracurricular activities that your students especially enjoy? Are you using your school website to help grow your enrollment?

best school website
What Makes the Best School Websites Work?

The critical goals of any school website are to:

#1. Engage and inform your existing students, their parents, and your staff 

#2. Market your strengths and successes to potential students and staff

To achieve these goals, your school's website must be designed with intuitive navigation and easy-to-find content—and be kept current and informative. How is your school doing?

increase student enrollment
Grow Your Enrollment by Integrating Your School Website and Social Media Marketing Strategies

When it comes to marketing strategies as they pertain to student recruitment, we're talking about promoting the services we have to offer that will lead to increased enrollment to meet our enrollment goals.

There are several simple, organic ways to integrate your social pages with your school website. And as you keep the flow moving between the two, your school will rank higher and higher and be picked up by most search engines, like Google, allowing you to be found and letting the world know what student life could be like for them at your school.