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Being the School of Choice in Your Community
Use school social media to stand out

School choice doesn’t have to mean declining enrollment for public schools. In fact, public schools can thrive in a school choice environment.

Arizona has the highest percentage of students in charter school than any other state in the nation; our public schools face strong competition with the many private and charter school options available. Here is a true story from Judy Bittner, our Lead Project Coordinator showing how social media marketing can make a difference in a school choice environment. 

What Makes the Best School Websites? Part 1
It’s not all about slick design. Find out what makes the best school websites work.

This is a question every school leader should ask. A school’s website is one of the most effective tools a school has to improve communication, engage parents, market its strengths, and build a solid, trusting reputation within its community. These are all benefits that improve education for our nation’s students, which makes achieving them worth the effort.

Effectively Communicating the Value of Our Schools
“Spotlight My School” PARSS Conference Winner and Other Examples of Effective School Marketing

A while back, our CEO, Bonnie Leedy, was invited to be a guest presenter at the annual conference for the Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools (PARSS). We asked participating PARSS administrators to submit a story about a time they successfully shared what was going on at their schools with the community. We chose one lucky winner to receive a copy of the Marketing Your School toolkit. 

6 Things People Actually Want to See on Your Social Media Pages
Connect with and entertain your audience

 A strategic communications plan for your social media can improve relationships with parents, build trust, and encourage engagement. When it comes to school communication, parents want important information such as events and meetings, policy changes, and news that affects the education of their child. However, this is information better suited for e-mails, newsletters, and the school website.

How School Leaders Can Foster Community Trust
Make yours the school of choice; build a culture of trust.

Trust—all across our country—is perceived as wounded and limping. Whether within corporations, government, or our schools, many feel the damage is irreparable. We disagree, and you should as well. You have the ability to rebuild trust in your circle of influence and create optimism that replaces cynicism. Trust rules. It drives your school’s cohesiveness. It drives performance. It even drives student achievement. 

What's Really Going on Behind the Scenes of Your School Website?
What to expect from development to maintenance by partnering School Webmasters

If you are considering undertaking a school website development process, I imagine you are feeling a bit stressed. Or if you've tried it and are ready to hire professionals, you've come to the right place.

School Video Marketing Ideas from Down Under
How some Australian schools use video effectively

Whether or not it’s a conscious effort, we seek to imitate people we admire or view as successful. This carries over into the business world as well. While careful not to infringe on anyone’s copyrights, we look to others for inspiration. When you undertake a website design, do you look at other school websites to see what they are doing? So how about seeking inspiration for your school marketing approach too? 

The Hard Work of Changing Public Perception
What U.S. schools must embrace in order to earn respect

Nationwide, schools in the United States have a public relations problem. It would seem they could fix these problems with some well managed strategic communications and marketing efforts, right? But, the problem goes deeper than that. It isn’t even entirely a perception problem; some of it is a reality. We must respond to these issues quite differently. 

Claiming Your School Brand
Simple principles to help you discover, evaluate, and strengthen your school brand

Don't give your power away by allowing others to define your school for you. Claim your school’s brand for future, current, and prospective students and faculty.  

Is Website Accessibility Required for Independent Schools and Private Schools?

With all the talk in the past few years about ADA website compliance for schools, the focus has been on public school websites. Public school websites must comply with Section 508 as they receive federal funds. But what about those independent and private schools?