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How to Create a Successful School Branding Strategy

It’s no secret that schools in the education sector are in fierce competition to attract and retain talented students. Logically, students and their parents will only consider schools that promise them a bright future, a future that fits their goals and gets them where they want to go. 

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How to Localize Your School Website

Schools need to improve their interactions with these families more than ever. One crucial strategy may be website localization, as parents and students visit it regularly for information. There are seven steps to creating localized websites. 

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Best Homepage Design Elements for School Websites

The school website is one of the first contact points between schools, parents, students, and teachers. The homepage is the front door to a school website; it draws a large share of traffic. After all, it’s only logical because it is the face of the school, but it’s surprising how often it’s overlooked. An excellent homepage should be specially designed to attract, educate, and convert different user groups that visit your school website. 

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