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Going to the Source
Reasons to establish a trusted, updated school website

While backpacking recently with my family, I was reminded of the value and refreshing nature of trusted sources. We hiked deep into the Grand Canyon along a popular trail. While water was everywhere, and we certainly enjoyed every minute playing in the turquoise blue pools and staring at the spectacular red rock backdrop, there were really only a few places to access clean drinking water. 

School Crisis Management: How Prepared is Your School?

If you’ve been following our blog for any length of time, you know that we believe communication is at the heart of every school’s success. That includes your school reputation, public relations, school marketing, customer service, and crisis management. In each of these areas, without rock solid communication strategies in place, you risk losing control of the situation. 

School Websites and the Evolution of ADA Website Accessibility

By now we’ve all heard of the Americans with Disabilities Act or the ADA. Interestingly, it was the by-product of the civil rights legislation passed during the 1960s. But with all the acronyms, sections, and titles, it can be a bit confusing for us lay folk.

Your Most Powerful School Marketing Tool
The Science Behind Storytelling and How It Can Be Used to Entertain, Engage, and Brand Your School

Telling school stories that inspire, excite, entertain, and encourage your school community is at the heart of successful school marketing and branding, and is critical to your school’s success. 

What stories come out of your school each day? What do people say about your school? Instead of allowing everyone else’s stories to daily spread through hallways, parking lots, or on the sidelines of a sporting event, create added value by asking your school administration and staff to join in the conversation. 

In this blog, we’ll look at a scientific side of storytelling and explore how other school administrators across the county are implementing various storytelling tools.

School Social Media FAQ
Helping DIY school personnel add “social media manager” to their job title

When it comes to school social media management, there are those who outsource and those who prefer to learn what they need to keep things in-house. 

How Your Reaction to ADA Compliance Affects Your Public Relations

We’ve blogged previously about the legal requirements of website accessibly and how to make your school website ADA compliant. We’ve even provided full website accessibility services to make things easy for our clients. But there is one thing we haven’t talked about yet in all this—and that is the public relations aspect of ADA compliance.

School websites—the Swiss army knife of influence and communications

One of the most powerful tools a school has when it comes to implementing effective school communications is the school website. It’s like that indispensable Swiss Army knife that has nearly every possible tool in one convenient location. 

This is NOT the End of Facebook!
How to keep your school’s Facebook page on your follower’s news feed despite the new algorithm

Despite what you may have heard, the Facebook world is NOT coming to an end. Still, with a term like “Facebook Apocalypse” being thrown around, we felt it best to spend a little time chatting with you about what Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement concerning the changes Facebook will be making to their algorithm means for you. 

Creating a School Video That Won’t Break the Bank
How to break through the information overload to get your school messages out.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information you have to absorb each day? Beginning to think you are merely roadkill on the side of the information superhighway? Are you inundated with far more information coming in than you can assimilate? Well, you are not alone.

What the Best Elementary School Websites Have in Common—and Why It Matters

Imagine a scenario involving two parents, Laura and Sue, who live on opposite ends of the city and in different school districts. Each has a child in elementary school. It’s early in the new school year, and on this particular evening, both women realize they need to download a copy of the school lunch menu. But here is where their stories diverge.