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Podcasting for Schools

What are the benefits

Over the past couple of years, podcasting has turned into an incredibly popular hobby as well as an effective marketing tool for many businesses. Most teachers use educational podcasts as a great tool to engage students and improve the quality of education. At the...

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7 Marketing Strategies for Private Schools

Growing a business is a human instinct. We always aspire to be stronger and more resilient—confidently face challenges and use opportunities to our advantage. The same goes for businesses. Growing a school is the same, so your private school marketing matters. Strong...

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18 School Blogs You Should Read

An education blog is more than a platform to find written articles. It's one of the greatest digital learning resources that can be integrated into schools' teaching strategies. For school administrators, blogs can also be invaluable training for their leadership...

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10 Ways to Improve Your School Website

School websites are a vital necessity. But they are not a one-and-done event that you can take live and then not touch but once a year. It is a project that is well worth your time and planning. School website content...

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