Website Management for School Messenger, FinalSite, Campus Suite, or Edlio Sites

If your school is using a content management system (CMS) but finds that keeping your website current, compliant, and professional is overwhelming or expensive, we have a solution!

What You Get

Having School Webmasters manage your website updates, rather than your staff taking on additional duties that require ongoing training, means we provide dedicated staff trained to:

  • Assure website accessibility for every website update
  • Use best practices for website content placement
  • Complete website updates quickly and accurately
  • Check the grammar and spelling (particularly embarrassing on a school website)
  • Check for broken links and routinely remove out-of-date information
  • Send monthly reminders to encourage fresh, up-to-date and engaging website content
  • Maintain a consistent conversational and inviting tone-of-voice
  • Retain intuitive navigation and attractive design and layout
  • Follow the Chicago Manual of Style

Does your busy staff do all that?

Here’s How It Works

We keep it simple and save your school money in the process:

Step #1:

We provide all school staff members authorized to provide content for your school’s website(s) with a secure login. Submitting an update request is quick and straightforward. No training is necessary. They send us news articles, videos, photos, staff contact updates, newsletters, calendar items, PDF attachments, or anything that will keep your school’s website current, engaging, and informative.

Step #2:

Our highly trained website updaters grab the request from the queue, complete it, and notifies the submitting staff member of the completion. If we have any questions or need clarification, we contact the individual submitting the request to assure accuracy.


No need to train your school staff on a CMS system or navigate the complexities of ADA website compliance ever again.

Your School Benefits

In addition to enjoying reliable, consistent website management, your benefits include:

  • Saving staff time, so they remain focused on their core roles
  • Eliminating the need for CMS software training and staff training for website accessibility compliance
  • Improving the quality of your school communication strategies
  • Ensuring ongoing consistency in website tone, style, and branding
  • Eliminating static, outdated, and ineffective websites (we send your staff reminders and tips to gather engaging updates and content)
  • Receiving recommendations for ways to improve the usability and effectiveness of your website from the folks who know!


Starting at $139 per month/per site, you’ll have the full resources of dedicated school webmasters to manage your school websites.

Additional services available: graphic design, copywriting, public relations services, social media support, marketing implementation strategies, and customer service training.

To get a quote or to learn more, fill out the form to the right or call Jim at 888-750-4556.