Communication App

School Webmasters App provides your school with
mass notifications,  teSchool Webmaster's Communication Appxt messaging, and voice calls. It will streamline your communications, consolidate the number of platforms you need, and ensure everyone gets the same messaging.

    From announcements and assignments to parent/teacher communications, the App is totally customizable to help you do almost anything you can dream up. But instead of listing all the technical things you probably don’t care about, here are a few features that matter most.

    Messaging and Notifications

    You’ll get the message out monthly, daily, or in between, and know that you reach everyone on your list. From your phone or computer, you can:

    • push messages to the App, including two-way messaging;’
    • send standard mass notifications (voice, text, and email);
    • update your school’s website homepage; and
    • send stories to your school’s social media pages;
    • all at once and from the same place.

    Everything Connected

    Everything syncs with the Student Information System, so it is always current. Connect with everyone, or one-to-one, seamlessly. Teachers can message their students’ parents with ease, and everything is delivered in their particular language and archived for future reference if needed.

    Update Your Website

    Use the App to make changes to your school’s website. News stories, videos, photos, calendar items, staff changes, etc.—we’ll take care of your website all from one place.

    Built for You

    Depending on your role, you will see just what is relevant and will have access to just what you need. A teacher can send messages to her students, the band director can notify parents that the field trip bus is getting back late, and the superintendent can see everything that is going on. The look, feel, and functionality of the software are tailored to your needs.

    We’ll Do It For You

    School Webmasters is the ultimate customer service company, and we are expanding our offering to include messaging and the App. We will build the App to match the website, keeping your brand consistent and professional. We create it all for you, get the App into the app store, and even help you roll it out to your parents and the community.

    Share the great things that are happening at your school! And when it isn’t all good news, don’t let ineffective messaging make bad news worse. Call us today at 888-750-4556 to get some limited-time discounts! Or email Jim and he’ll get right back to you!