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School Logos and Mascots Done Right

Branding goes beyond your colors and school logo, of course. It is inclusive of the entire customer experience and includes everything from your school website design and layout, your school social media interactions, and your mascot to how your staff answers the phones. So, let’s talk about how to use school mascots and logos to contribute to your cohesive brand identity.

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Give the Gift of Reviews This Holiday Season

Schools thrive on enrollment numbers. Enrollment plays a key factor in everything from budgets to attracting good teachers, so it’s important that schools earn the community’s good opinion. And it’s essential to share that good opinion with the community. 

Parents, if you love your child’s school; if your child loves their school; if you love their teacher, then please leave a review for your school today. 

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School Social Media: a Beacon of Hope When Done Well

How will you respond to a crisis? How will you answer criticism or negative comments? How will you navigate the dangerous waters that threaten your community? Are you prepared and trained properly? You can use your social media platforms to do it.

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School customer service matters…especially those initial interactions

Okay, you are a school administrator and schools are serious business, right? Professional and no-nonsense? Well, I agree with the professional part, but I think some schools (whether it is established by the school culture, the HR department hiring policies, or maybe the school leader) may want to consider factoring a little joy into the mix. It isn’t an either/or proposition because professionalism and happiness are not mutually exclusive.

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School Website Management Done Right

Many school leaders struggle with how best to manage their school’s website(s). If you want to set up strategies to provide a website that continually serves your parents and community, let’s look at what constitutes best practices in school website management.

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5 Steps to Craft the Perfect Social Media Post

Managing your school’s social media can be a challenge. To make your posts engaging and effective is even more so. But, there are some basics you should know and use with school social media strategies. In this blog, you’ll learn five steps to get it right.

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Website Redesigns Done Right

Every few years, schools decide they need to update or redesign their website. The best reason is because you want to improve the experience your website visitors have when they visit your school’s online presence. Your school website is your most important communications and marketing tool. But, the key here is that it can do all of this only if your website design and content is done right.

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Marketing Your School with Strategic Communications

While students return to full in-person learning and you scramble to help students who may have fallen behind catch up, this is a perfect time to institute some marketing strategies to increase your enrollment (and encourage any lost students to return to your school).

It requires some planning and processes. Luckily for you, we have a solution that will get you started and help carry you through to success in all the various aspects of effective school marketing.

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