9 Great School Websites for Useful Information

great school website

Today, with many online learning platforms and inspiring education websites, everyone has the chance to take online courses and receive credible degrees. Students can gain knowledge and hone their skills in every field through online classes and well-designed platforms.

This has created extra motivation for school managers to build their own unique platforms. Of course, every school and educational institution deserves a well-crafted, top-ranking website, but many people don’t know where to start.

Our collection of top school website design examples will give you some ideas about how to design an engaging platform. Moreover, we’ll explore some of the reasons why you should invest in creating a great school website for your parents and students. So, let’s begin.

Top School Website Designs

Here are nine school website designs you can use as a source of inspiration.

#1 Noble Leadership Academy

Noble Leadership Academy is a school dedicated to helping elementary to high school students become successful leaders. Once you enter their online platform, you will see an amazing website design that reflects the school’s spirit and identity.

All tabs, features, and sections on the home page maximize the user experience. While the website design is clear and user-friendly, it also showcases the school’s dynamic spirit with excellent hero images as well as beautiful, professional photographs throughout the website.

Moreover, the element of navigability is perfectly applied to the website design with separate portals for teachers, students, parents, and the school community located at the top of the page, just below the header image. All in all, you will see a great school website with many practical features.

Noble Leadership Academy Best School Website

#2 Oakwood Academy Schools

Located in four different cities in Long Beach and Bellflower, California, Oakwood Academy schools offer an accelerated program with a challenging curriculum and a wide variety of extracurricular activities designed to “educate and respect each child uniquely and individually.”

And sure enough, they don’t hesitate to showcase their dedication to this mission by offering a magnificent website design and an engaging hero image on the homepage. On the left side, you will find important links to different sections for parents, students, and teaching staff.

At the top, you have easy access to enrollment information, necessary forms, and tuition fees. If you are interested to know about the school activities, you can check out the link provided for you at the top menu.

This education website design is built around elegance and navigability. The best example to showcase this point is the Enrichment heading, which offers extensive details on all summer programs, field trips, and other school events.

Oakwood Academy Schools Great School Website

#3 Valley Preparatory School

Next on our list is the Valley Preparatory School, a preschool–8th-grade international baccalaureate world school located in Redlands, California. Valley Preparatory School is dedicated to helping students become “confident communicators, critical thinkers, and problem solvers who are motivated to engage in lifelong learning and empowered to achieve personal and educational goals in a culturally diverse, global community.”

At the top menu, you will find pretty much everything you need to know about this school. Their mission, vision & philosophy helps you decide whether it’s the right choice for your child or not. You can also check out the list of faculty, staff, and the board of trustees to get to know the school community better.

This school website enjoys many great qualities, including the clever use of visual components and a well-placed hero image that perfectly portrays the school vibe. But the most important thing is that the entire website is designed to narrate the brand’s story and showcase the resources of a prestigious school.

Valley Preparatory School Good School Website

#4 August Martin High School

The August Martin High School has a great website that offers a compelling visual narrative about its lively atmosphere. Every main page header on the site features images of the school’s different areas and key features including the main campus, classrooms, and student achievements.

The yellow and blue design offers a sleek design that perfectly matches the school colors and logo. The whole idea is to present a consistent brand identity whether it’s the website design, content, or social media presence.

Moreover, this school website has an incredibly intuitive design with high navigability and ample space for relevant information. There are also many interactive elements on the site to help parents and students easily find their way into the important sections.

August Martin Great School Website

#5 Platteview High School

Platteview uses an impressive school website design with customized features that reflect the school’s vibe. Visitors can easily explore the school’s upcoming events, online platforms, and academic and athletic achievement sections.

The top menu choices help prospective students and parents learn all they need to know about the institution, including the school’s mission, programs, and other helpful links.

#6 Mary A.Otondo Elementary School

If you are looking for a good website with an intuitive, welcoming, and visually appealing design, Mary A. Otondo’s website is a prime example. On the home page, you will find resources to help you facilitate the enrollment process.

There is a separate section for parent education and involvement at the top menu as well as a tab including all the important links and a virtual tour for individuals seeking a multi-dimensional experience.

Mary Otondo Best School Website

#7 STAR Academy Charter School

This is one of your top candidates if you are looking for a school website design with high-quality photography, easy-access links, and impressive interior design. The design offers a compelling online platform to convince prospective students and parents to choose this institution for education.

The STAR Academy Charter School website also provides a robust and innovative web design architecture, providing students and parents with all the information and resources they will need during admission and enrollment in a well-crafted online platform.

Last but not least, the interactive layout is perfectly matched with all other visual components on the website, including the sliders, CTAs, and sticky menu.

STAR Academy Best School Website

#8 Meet NYU

Every web designer aspires to create a design that attracts the right target audience and encourages them to interact with the brand’s website and use their online tools and content. Meet NYU has successfully created an introduction website that will appeal to any viewer.

The catchy combination of purple color will give you a long-lasting first impression. You can easily navigate the website, scrolling down and visiting important pages featuring engaging content on trending topics. With just a few clicks, many useful materials are available for students who want to know more about the campus resources and school community.

Meet NYU Good School Website

#9 Woodbridge School

The Woodbridge school website is an impressive site. The website design is created in a way to highlight the school’s mission of offering a safe place to help raise “proactive, responsible, free thinkers who go out into the world with the skills, knowledge, and self‑belief to become everything they are meant to be”.

As you scroll the site, you will see separate links to well-designed pages that will offer extensive explanations about various levels of education for children of all ages from pre-prep to prep school, senior school, sixth form, etc.

You can also find links to co-curricular activities, clubs, projects, and teams that help students foster character, creativity, and determination regardless of their age, skills, and prior knowledge.

Woodbridge School Good School Website

Why Do You Need a School Website?

School websites play a central role in keeping school managers, parents, students, and stakeholders connected. But they also offer a wide range of other exceptional benefits that will help schools establish themselves as trustworthy, professional brands in the education industry. Here are some of the benefits of school websites:

Establish Your Online Presence

Every brand, no matter how big or small, needs a strong and carefully planned online presence. School websites are perfect tools to help you join online communities across the globe, share your thought, experiences, and concerns about raising a successful future generation, and learn from the most qualified professional instructors and school managers.

This all happens on a cost-efficient, user-friendly platform that gives your school a firm standing in the digital world, and helps you garner global attention by leveraging SEO tools and practices to promote your website on search engines like Google.

Communication - Offer Updated Information

Offer Updated Information

We are living in an era where people value accurate, updated information about the services and products they consume. Educational services are no exception. By creating a school website, you can update your audiences on recent news, upcoming events, conferences, seminars, extracurricular activities, etc.

Moreover, you can easily use school websites to offer your existing students all the resources they require, from homework assignments to study guides and school policies. This is not only a perfect way to showcase your professionalism but also helps students have a more satisfying experience at your organization and improve your brand reputation through word of mouth marketing strategy.

Improve Branding

School websites operate as the main tools for enhancing your school marketing campaign and boosting awareness about your vision, mission, activities, and achievements. Without a well-crafted website, it is almost impossible to engage with reputable organizations, businesses, and stakeholders that might be interested in investing in a promising educational institution. 

Remember that branding covers everything you put online, from school logos to website colors and more. In other words, these are essential elements around which you create the school community and promote a unique identity, culture, and mutual understanding. Simply put, your school website is the digital representation of your brand.

Improve Branding - Build a consistent brand image

Create an Effective Communication Channel

Facilitating communication and interaction with parents and patrons is probably the most obvious benefit of having a user-friendly school website. A well-crafted website allows you to overcome online communication challenges and bridge the gap with parents and students looking for an excellent educational institution.

With the rapidly growing tech solutions, you will also have a wide range of tools and resources at your disposal such as chatbots and automated messaging systems, which can greatly improve the efficiency and speed of communication with parents and students while indicating your concern for offering the best user experience for your online visitors.

Connect / Communicate - Create an effective communication channel

Gain a Competitive Edge

Similar to any other brand and business, you will need to outshine the competition and establish your school as the best in the town. This journey involves various brand promotion campaigns, advertising practices, and marketing efforts. But one of the easiest ways to gain an edge over competitors is to improve your online presence by creating a good-looking website.

Notice that as an educational institution, most of your efforts will naturally be directed toward offering the best educational experience to students and helping them grow their knowledge base and skill sets. But your website can also be a selling point to attract students in the first place and showcase your vision, mission, and values.

school market strategies

Increase Admission Rate

Competition is not just for you! Great schools are sought after as they offer a simultaneously supportive and challenging environment that enables students to improve their skills, foster critical thinking and creativity, and learn how to pursue personal growth through teamwork and collaboration. 

If you want to be one of the educational institutions that are highly valued in modern societies, you will need a well-designed website that gives your audience a chance to understand the true value of your offer.

Unsurprisingly, a solid online presence, whether a school website or social media campaign, will eventually help you grow your audience reach and improve your admission rate.

Improve your school enrollment

Bottom Line

With market changes and pandemic-led trends favoring online learning, it can be safe to say that the perspective of online education has changed for good. The growing interest in eLearning platforms and how it has fundamentally transformed our perception of education speaks volumes about its inevitable continuous growth.

As more universities, schools, educational organizations, and students realize the benefits of eLearning, it is not difficult to imagine an exciting future for the global online learning industry. And your school website can be a great addition to this new combination. So, if you haven’t already created an eye-catching, highly-functioning website, it is time to start.

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