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Public Relations for Schools

Balancing relationships with students, teachers, staff, and the community is sometimes difficult for schools when the main focus is providing quality education for students.

School Webmasters offers a service to help schools implement meaningful, timely communications in a way that:   

  • Takes the burden off of your staff
  • Complements our website services
  • Includes social media
  • Meets school marketing and PR needs
  • Is affordable and effective
How It Works
A school PR specialist works with your admin team to define your communication goals.
School Webmasters hires a local advocate from within your school community to become your communications coordinator.
PR4 Schools provides training, direction, and resources to the communications coordinator to carry out projects and campaigns.
Your communications coordinator produces a steady flow of communications focused on improving community relationships and singing your school's praises.
Media Relations
Give your district and schools a voice in your community by sharing your stories and successes with local media.
Community Relations
Build trust with your community by keeping them informed and providing reliable, transparent communications.
Internal Relations
Improve staff recruitment and retention by valuing and showcasing your staff's hard work and dedication.
Parent Engagement
Students succeed when their parents are engaged. Help parents engage by keeping them in the loop with consistent communication.
Cost Comparison

Communications Firm or Communications Professional

$60,00 - $150,00+/year

Staff time + Compensation + Overhead


PR4 Schools
Trained, part-time local advocate

$21,500 for the first year*
$21,000 each year after

*8 hours a week, 42 weeks

Case Study

PR4 Schools has successfully helped schools meet their public relations and marketing goals. Read about how the service has impacted Ridgefield Public Schools.

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