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Customer Service
Instantly improve your customers' experience with a School Webmasters website.
4 ingredients that make a School Webmasters website a positive customer service tool for your school
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Imagine the Jones family is moving to your city this summer.

They have three children and are researching which schools will best meet the needs of their family. 

The Joneses are your typical potential customer. And chances are, your school won’t see or hear from them until after they check out your website. 

Hence, your district and school websites are critical customer service tools.

Below are 4 ways a School Webmasters website rolls out the welcome mat for your potential new families.

01 Welcome Message

Each website includes a welcome message right on the home page. 

This is your digital handshake to let your visitors know they are welcome here. 

We include information about who you are, where you are, and what grades you serve.

02 Important Information

Important is the key! We won’t overwhelm your visitors with information-overload.

As a company founded and run by parents, we have first-hand experience about the kind of information that matters most to parents and that needs to be on your websites.

As school website experts, we know how to place this information in easy-to-find locations—which leads to our next point...

03 Intuitive Navigation

Not only does your school have information that needs to be present, it must be easy to find.

School Webmasters logically places the information that is most important to parents available within three clicks (most often it just takes one or two).

04 Positive Tone

School Webmasters websites feature content that is conversational and friendly. We avoid jargon and passive voice.

Even when laying out the rules, we maintain a cheerful and welcoming tone.

Over time, as we help you keep your school website updated, we maintain consistency throughout your website content—which is important to your brand and image.