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Benefits of Parent Communication Apps

One of the goals for K–12 schools is to engage their communities in ways that will improve student outcomes. When parents (and communities) engage with local education, studies show that students progress far better than...

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CMS for Schools: Benefits and Challenges

Marketing has evolved significantly over the past few decades. Naturally, it has also invented and introduced many new concepts and terms like SEO, CRM, SERP, CDN, and CMS. For some, keeping up with the ever-growing...

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Designing a Great Website for Schools

It doesn't matter if you click on a website belonging to a car dealership, a restaurant, or even a candle shop. The reality is that you'll quickly form an opinion about them based on how their website looks and...

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How to Create a Successful School Branding Strategy

It’s no secret that schools in the education sector are in fierce competition to attract and retain talented students. Logically, students and their parents will only consider schools that promise them a bright future, a future that fits their goals and gets them where they want to go. 

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