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What Makes a Great School Website: Beneficial Tips & Examples

What do you expect from a great school website? Excellent design and intuitive navigation? User-friendly interface? An appealing layout with a harmonious combination of fonts and colors. All of these factors are crucial. But the most important thing is making a long-lasting impression on potential students.

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Best School Websites: What They Have in Common

Take a few moments and think of every fascinating school website you’ve ever visited. You can perhaps make a shortlist right off the top of your head. At first, they may appear only to share one thing: they are all school websites!

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Your Guide to Website Design for Schools

In our digital age, a school’s website is often the first point of contact for prospective students, parents, and staff. A well-designed website reflects the school’s unique identity and values and is a powerful tool for communication and administrative efficiency.

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The Benefits of Having a School Blog

The education sector is similar to other industries; fierce competition for the best talent and competent students exists. Naturally, all schools use all the means at their disposal to win the race. That's why it's no...

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Benefits of Parent Communication Apps

One of the goals for K–12 schools is to engage their communities in ways that will improve student outcomes. When parents (and communities) engage with local education, studies show that students progress far better than...

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