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But Who is Going to
Do the Work?
The part of the equation that is never considered
Good Communication = Effective Processes + Required Skills + Hard Work
Don't assume you are going to be on the hook for all of this. If you set up the process with School Webmasters, we have the skills and will be the ones to put forth the effort to make it awesome—and keep it that way.
What is your website really COSTING?
What do you spend now?
This video may help you look at what you are currently spending to maintain your website. It isn't just the annual cost of the content management system.
How do we update your site?
Sure, there are some updates that, using an average content management software, you could probably do by logging in and making a quick edit. But for most of the updates that we do, there is a lot more to it than that. Here is all you have to do.
Yea, but what about...?
A school closing or something happening in the middle of the night?
We have an emergency notification feature. Those with access can set a notification to go to everyone who visits the website. It is super easy to use, and it can be done anytime, from anywhere.
Updates that need to be done right away?
Just mark it "urgent," and it goes to the top of the queue. Because we have staff working 18 hours a day, there is a good chance it will be done within the hour—maybe less. 
The many pictures on my cell phone from an event?
Submitting information through the update portal is easy. We want the information to move quickly from those who have it to those who can do something awesome with it.

School Webmasters does all of the heavy lifting.

Best practices are standard practice.

We make you look good at a fair price.


Your staff gets trained, and they figure it out.

If you can get people trained, keeping them concerned about the website is a challenge.

You are paying them at their hourly rate.

Don't try to do it all yourself

Websites are more complicated than ever before. Don't try to master it all. Focus on what is going to give you the best results—which is probably what you were hired for but has very little to do with the finer points of web design. Rely on the help of some trusted experts, and get a guaranteed outcome, without the headaches.