Website Design & Development

School Webmasters will provide you with an Internet presence that rivals districts and schools with much larger budgets. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you and your staff, and with our expertise and years of experience, you can rest easy knowing you’re in capable hands.

Our design considerations include:

  • Creating a navigation system that clearly reflects the available content and is easily accessible with a minimum number of click-throughs.
  • Creating an attractive user interface that will invite users to stay long enough to explore the site and invite them to return frequently.
  • Designing the site to be personal, professional, and functional.
  • Creating responsive school websites that are mobile friendly.

The School Website Design Process

Our development team works closely with you and your staff throughout the design process, making layout and navigational recommendations based upon our years of school website experience. The process goes something like this:

Step 1. We interview key administrators to determine your school’s design preferences. We gather much of this information through a comprehensive online development questionnaire.

Step 2. We design a prototype based on your preferences.

Step 3. You review the prototype, request any revisions you desire, and approve it.

Step 4. We develop your website, creating architecture, coding, professional copywriting, photos, graphic elements, etc.

You’ll be proud of your new website with its balance of aesthetically pleasing layout and informational content that really represents your school brand with a school website that reflect your unique characteristics. This includes custom graphics, banners, intuitive flow and navigation, and all within a mobile friendly responsive website design.

District Websites vs. School Websites

Design considerations vary a bit for different types of websites. For example:

District Website Designs

Your district website is likely the “workhorse” because it is more business-focused. District websites generally contain more information directed to a wide variety of site visitors (job applicants, vendors, employees, community members, governing board members, etc.). You want a professional image that instills confidence and trust while maintaining your community’s unique flavor. If you don’t have something specific in mind, we’ll recommend styles and colors to help you achieve these goals. We also make recommendations about content and navigation based on best practices for district sites. We’ll write content for you that is inviting, friendly, and informative.

School Website Designs

When an individual school needs a website, we often take a slightly different design approach. All we ask is that the school sends us its school colors and mascot, and we do the rest! High school sites often highlight their students’ competitive enthusiasm and spirit of pride in their achievements with appropriate photos (school provided, or we will find great age-level appropriate royalty-free stock photos). Elementary websites are often bright, fun, and lively, reflecting the wonder and joy of children excited to learn. If the school is part of a district, the navigational structure of the school site will match that of the district for the sake of consistency.

So, whether you need web design for schools for your district website that reflects your professionalism and generates trust, or a preschool website or primary school website to attract students into your district for the life of the student, School Webmasters has you covered. We specialize in all levels of school website development, including elementary school websites, middle school websites, high school websites, PTA websites, PAC websites, and other educational organization websites. Each school and organization has its own unique needs and audiences. Your site should address your audience needs.

And, keep your school sites current, informative, and engaging with your school website management services, which are included in our monthly services. Get the best school websites at the best price.