School Intranets

An intranet is a restricted computer network an organization or company can use internally. How are they being used in school districts? Imagine one central location where you can inform your entire faculty and staff of important news and events with just a few clicks of a mouse. That’s the purpose of a school intranet.

Improve Internal Communication

Having your own school intranet means that all of your online communication happens in one location. Staff members each receive secure log-ins and passwords, and everyone saves time, money, and hassle. Your intranet provides a central location, accessible even from home, that will:

  • Improve internal communication, building unity and trust
  • Simplify tasks, reduce repetition, save time
  • Create one central, convenient location for staff contact info, absence reporting, leave requests, etc.
  • Promote inter-departmental collaboration
  • Organize all commonly used resources, documents, and links in one location
  • Help create a “project sharing” environment

The best part is that your district-wide intranet will help everyone feel like they are truly part of the team—everyone focused on the same overall goals. Just like your school website is your public facing communications resource, your secure school intranet is for internal audiences.

A Secure Platform Just for You

Our school intranets are a web-based system that allows only those with a username and password to log in and see the information posted. You can assign update privileges to key personnel so they can keep their department or school information current. Updates are easy! Authorized school personnel can use a simple text editor, or School Webmasters will handle all updates for you as part of our ongoing service.


We will design a customized intranet for your district for $1500, and you receive hosting and updates for just $149 per month.

Contact us today to view a demo of school intranet, and see how it can unify your district and save time and money.