Customized Website Design

Prices begin at $3100 per site. Additional pages beyond 8 are available at $185–$235 per page.

Site features include:

  • 8 pages, including content that is written/edited by professional copywriters
  • Stock photos for sub-pages (unless you provide us with your own photos)
  • Choice of colors for your site
  • Customized header, footer, and background image that reflect your school’s personality
  • Additional pages beyond 8 are available at $185–$235 per page
  • Elementary schools receive a $10 per page discount off above pricing
  • Recommended site map will be compiled by our copywriters for your approval. We provide the copy/content and reorganize your existing site (according to the pages you have chosen).

The design/layout selected (placement of sidebars, quicklinks, slideshows) on the home page or sub-pages cannot be altered for this pricing. If you need something a bit more custom, please contact us about our fully custom, premier website designs.

*Some of these examples may include customized features that incur an additional fee.