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When School Webmasters creates a custom website design for you, not only will you get a unique and beautiful school website with responsive website designs and intuitive navigation, you’ll get professional website copywriting and ongoing management and updates. Unlike other CMS providers, where you get only a shell and some software, a School Webmasters’ custom website design comes with the staff to keep it looking professional and current day in and day out.

Rocky Mount Prep

Riverside Elementary School District Online School

Maur Hill-Mount Academy

Region 9 REC

Anne Frank Inspire Academy


Queen Creek Unified School District

Eastmark High School

New Designs Charter School

Village Life Center

Holy Trinity School El Cajon

New Mexico Public Education Department AP

Closter Public Schools

East Catholic High School

Valley Prepatory School

Maricopa Institute of Technology

Southwest Regional Education Cooperative

Paramus School District

Student Choice High School

Altar Valley School District No. 51

Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Custom School Website Development

Your school website development team consists of a project manager, a copywriter, a graphic designer, a user interface designer, content and graphic layout staff, an editor/proof reader, and a quality control team. Once the website is ready to go live, you’ll be invited into the customer support fold, where you’ll have about 15 more folks who are dedicated to keeping your website current, accurate, informative, and professional every day. You’ll never need to train your staff to update your website again!

Unlike working with other school website developers and website providers, a custom website design by School Webmasters—the design phase of your development project—is just the beginning. It is an important (yes, it’s fun and exciting) first step. But the most important work begins when that beautiful new school website becomes the workhorse communications resource that will build an impressive public relations brand, engage parents in their student’s education, and attract new students and highly qualified staff to your school.

Here’s how our custom school website development works

Discovery Phase
Discovery Phase

We learn what your school’s communication goals are and any challenges we can help you address. We want to learn how to highlight your school to its best advantage.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Based on your school, combined with best practices for school communication, we’ll implement a proven strategy to achieve your goals, determine a development timeline, gather the necessary skillsets, and get everyone on the same page.

Design and copywriting

Design & Copywriting

Your professional copywriter will get busy gathering information from you and existing resources, creating a site map, and turning it all into an inviting and professional place for your audiences to visit your school virtually. The graphic designer will design a unique prototype design for your approval—based on your preferences, colors, goals, and audience needs.

Layout and programming

Layout and Programming

The layout team will take the design and copy and build responsive website designs that are intuitive and beautifully effective for your school communications needs. This will include professional photos you provide or royalty free photos we provide, style sheets, programming, and customized graphics.

QC Review and Launch

QC Review & Launch

A thorough quality review will make sure the details are right, to include layout for multiple views (including mobile views), image placement, proofing and editing of text, working links, and accessibility compliance.

Customer Support Transition

Customer Support Transition

Once you’ve approved the final website, we’ll help you launch your new website and introduce you to the customer support team. Your staff, any and all you authorize, will be given easy access to submit information, events, calendar items, photos, news, and updates with just a few clicks. We’ll take care of the rest!

Management & Quality Control

Management & Quality Control

In addition to the constant review of information submitted as updates by your customer service team, we also have a dedicated team of Quality Control folks who review the site several times a year. They will be looking for broken links, layout issues, ADA accessibility problems, outdated information, and anything else that can keep your school website from looking its best all year long.

Staff tips

Staff tips and possibly some nagging…

When we see something that could be improved, like outdated information or an idea that might better market your school or help you to accomplish your goals, we’ll reach out to your staff to get what we need to make those improvements. We send monthly reminders to all the authorized staff to remind them to look for news and information that we can add to keep your communications engaging and current. We also send out tips and ideas to encourage them to keep information coming our way.

When you need responsive website designs for your school, but can’t afford the custom website designs of other high-end development firms, check out what School Webmasters can do for your school.

Prices begin at $6300 and depends on the number of pages and the customized features.