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Monthly Updates & Management

Monthly updates and management is possibly the greatest advantage of working with School Webmasters and where our services are truly unique. We'll manage your websites so your staff doesn’t have to! School Webmasters keeps your district and school websites current and informative, day in and day out. Just imagine, 

NO annual software training for staff each year.
NO scrambling to gather news from staff to keep the website current. 

We do it all for you! Unlike many school websites that become stagnant after the initial enthusiasm of rolling out a new site, we update your websites as frequently as needed. 

Managed for You

Your support staff is busy; your teachers are overwhelmed; administrators are wearing many hats. Even if you have a dedicated communications or public information officer who handles your public relations, communications, and marketing, it isn’t likely that the chore of managing the website will be high on his or her priority list. They also may not have the skill sets necessary to manage this important project. Gathering information that will turn your website into an excellent communication resource used to be challenging. Not anymore.

School Webmasters will contact key people at your school or in your district and make it easy for them to get their information where it will do the most good—on your website. Whether it's posting up-to-date school lunch menus or adding athletics events to the school calendar, School Webmasters takes care of it for you.

Easy as 1-2-3

When you partner with School Webmasters, keeping your website up to date has never been so easy.

Step 1. Monthly Reminders

School Webmasters will send out monthly reminders to key school and district personnel. This is just a gentle way of letting everyone know it's time to be sure you've sent us all your latest information. We also provide monthly PR tips to help your staff know what kind of information can help us turn your website into a dynamic communications tool. These little tips can help turn all of your authorized staff into enthusiastic PR ambassadors within your school.

Step 2. Request an Update

We make requesting an update simple by providing all authorized personnel with a secure log-in to the client portal where they can simply and quickly send us information to add or change. Common updates include information like school menus, school newsletters, calendar items, governing board agendas, photos, job openings, bids, the latest news, or anything else that will make your website more informative and effective. We update your site right away—usually within hours but always within two business days for non-urgent updates. We then e-mail the person who submitted the request to let them know we’ve completed the update.

Step 3. Enhancements

As time goes by, you will find additional uses for your website, particularly by using it as a tool for improving your public relations and customer service. School Webmasters will add pages and other features to your site, even recommending ways to enhance and expand it to better improve the information you provide to your site visitors, all as part of our monthly hosting/update service.