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Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about School Webmasters' designed sites. If you don't find an answer to your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

How long does new website design & development take?

The short answer is that your new site will take between 5-8 weeks. The more detailed answer is that it depends on the level of site complexity you select and how quickly you respond to your project manager’s requests. 

A fully custom school website design includes everything from professional copywriting to photos that reflect your school’s brand and personality. This means working closely with the school to gather just the right assets and information. The Level I template sites and the customized template websites move quickly because we can do most of the design work behind the scenes with few dependencies on the school staff. In our experience, we find that typical design and development length depends upon the school’s responsiveness. If your school provides us with quick responses to our questions, the sooner your new school website will go live! Learn more about our website development process and request a quote.

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Our school's website is hard to keep current. Our staff is already overwhelmed. What's the solution?

School Webmasters handles all updates, changes, additions, and improvements to your school's website. We'll even send out reminders to designated staff members in order to gather the information and write content that will keep your site up-to-date. Your IT, teaching, and administrative staff usually has its hands full with core responsibilities, and expecting them to be designers, writers, and managers of the site's content can be unrealistic. Letting School Webmasters handle your school website management provides you with the skill sets you need without overburdening an already busy staff. Check out our Portfolios for ideas.

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How are your services different from a CMS website provider?

A content management system (CMS) is software that lets multiple individuals update the website content directly. When you have staff dedicated to communications and public relations, this can be very helpful. If, on the other hand, you have staff whose skills are not related to these fields, sometimes the results are less than desirable. Your school website is the primary communication hub you have and often the first impression of your school and what you have to offer. It is important that you have a comprehensive strategy in place to communicate your successes and goals. Your online impression matters, in a big way. If you can hire experts to do the work of keeping your website professional, informative, and effective, that’s what you will get. Now you can have staff who are dedicated to your website no matter what your budget or school size. For $149 a month per site, let the pros do the grunt work while you educate future generations! Learn how we do it.

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We're a small district or charter school without a lot of money. How can we afford a professional website?

Open enrollment has created a competitive educational environment. Districts and charter schools can't afford to be without websites. School Webmasters designs your site to fit your budget. As time progresses and your needs change, we can add to it or make revisions to your existing content. Updates are included as part of our service, so your site will soon rival those of much larger schools without high development/design fees. You can have the best school website for a fraction of what other school website providers charge. We offer several affordable school website development options, including basic responsive templates, customized responsive templates, and fully customized website development and design. All of our school sites include school website management that includes daily updates to keep your school websites current and informative. You can even pay for your school district website design over three years if needed.

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Federal law requires that our school maintain an ADA compliant website. This means that all content and images added to the website must meet WCAG 2.0 standards. How does School Webmasters keep our web pages in compliance?

Because our services include all updates to your new school websites, once your new website goes live (which is ADA compliant at that point, of course), our website accessibility trained staff will keep it that way. This includes providing equivalent Alt Text for images and graphics, correcting contrast issues, adding link labels, utilizing semantic markup, assuring keyboard accessibility, conducting annual accessibility reviews, and much more. We also provide free training to your staff so that the attachments they create for the website (like Word documents, PDF attachments, videos) will also be compliant. If requested, we can even help with remediation to get existing documents compliant or adding video captioning (at affordable rates).

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As our school's parent teacher organization (PTO), we need to raise funds for our students. How will a website help?

As you know, good communication is essential to getting and keeping parents involved in their children's education. What better way to keep parents and community members informed than a website that is available 24/7? When you have a fundraiser, make it easy to donate or purchase by letting parents, teachers, and community members pay online! Why not have a section of your site devoted to your PTO, too?

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There is a lot of talk about responsive school websites. What does that mean?

A responsive website design provides an easy-to-view and navigate experience for your site visitors, regardless of the device they are using. That means the layout will change a bit, depending on the device’s screen size and resolution. For example, a responsive school site (also called a mobile friendly website) viewed on your smartphone will likely lose those slow loading and high bandwidth banner photos that look great on the desktop view, but would be too small to enjoy on a phone, and opt for a simplified navigation. The mobile friendly websites require very little resizing, panning, or scrolling to get to the information they need. If the user is on a tablet or a desktop, your school website would automatically resize for those device sizes.

The advantages are that you are providing the best user experience available to your site visitors. Responsive websites, if well designed, will be faster loading. They get extra points with search engine optimization (SEO). But, the main reason it matters is that more and more parents and community members are using their mobile devices to get to your school website. The need to make your website mobile friendly is increasing exponentially each year. Many people, especially in rural areas, use their smartphones as their only Internet device. So, make it easy for everyone to find you and the information they need.

Another advantage is that if you have a responsive school site, you don’t need a mobile app or a separate mobile site. You get it all in one format with one system to update. Just provide instructions to your parents about how to add an icon to their phone that will take them directly to your school’s website, and you’re good to go. If you hire School Webmasters, all of our sites use responsive school website templates, and our custom designs are also mobile friendly. Check out our basic responsive school website templates, our customized responsive templates, or our fully-custom websites for examples.

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We are a small but growing school district that is having trouble attracting outstanding teachers. How would we use a website to do that?

Recruiting is an expensive, on-going cost of maintaining a top-quality educational team. The Internet is the most common recruiting tool in attracting in and out-of-state teaching candidates. To compete in the market, you must make your school or district easy to find and provide a user-friendly application process as well as online access to employment information. Our responsive school websites make this easy. You can have updated job postings, salary schedules, employee benefit information, links to state certification requirements, and local city and county information—all without the expense of printing a single page.

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Our district parents are very involved in their children's education. How could we better use our website to improve communication?

By creating an easy-to-access online presence, you can communicate important events, inform parents, share student successes, and involve the community. Visitors to your website can learn all they need to know, like: what sets your school apart from the rest; how to register new students; when activities, events, and vacation breaks happen; and how they can most effectively communicate with the school. We link our websites to our clients' blog and social media pages, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other platforms. You can even let parents sign up for online reminders for important events, and they'll receive reminder e-mails!

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Our school is proud of its students' accomplishments. What are some ways to let our community know about their successes?

Some of the more common ways to recognize students is to implement a student of the month program, honor roll, and/or other forms of special recognition, such as game wins or milestone achievement notices. You can include a section specifically for these type of announcements and encourage your students to tell their parents that they are featured on the website this month. Adding social media to your school culture is also a great way to share all the great things happening at your school.

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As a school administrator, how can I make better use of my school website?

Providing outstanding customer service is critical to your school's reputation (and yours as an administrator). As a school, your customers are your students, their parents, community members, board members, and your teachers and staff. With such a wide array of customer needs, you'll want to make use of every resource that can help you serve your customers better, while taking advantage of any time or money-saving benefits available. A website can be the resource you require for this multitude of needs. Use it to include board agendas, links to school report cards, vendor information, contacts, important job announcements and openings, and much more. You'll save your staff time and your school money, all while building excellent public relations. Check out our Website Features page for ideas on how to use your site to its full potential.

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Can you build our school a site that we can update ourselves?

Yes, we could, but our unique business model is best suited to offering our one-of-a-kind school website management services. For a monthly fee, far less than you can pay your own staff to do your website management, we'll handle all of the updates for you, which includes keeping creating an ADA compliant website that meets section 504 of the rehabilitation act. We even send out monthly reminders to key staff to gather timely content and information so that your busy staff can focus on their core responsibilities. This includes adding pages when necessary, posting documents, creating graphics, doing ongoing quality control, and writing content as necessary. So, why not take advantage of these included services and let us concentrate on making you look good?

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What does it usually cost for School Webmasters to develop a school or district website?

That will depend on your school's needs. An average responsive school website, like a high school website typically contains up to fifteen pages of content and costs around $1280. A district site is often 20 pages of content and starts at $2350 depending on the design and customization desired. This includes school website development, template or custom designs, content writing, and continued customer service. Hosting is $149.00 a month and includes monthly updates, additional pages, changes, and customizations. Whether you need a public school website, a private school, independent school, charter school, or educational organization website, the pricing is similar and depends on the number of pages and website design desired. Please contact us for a quote more specific to your school's needs. 

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What’s the difference between a district website and a school website?

Your district site serves a wider purpose and therefore must be more comprehensive. It should be a resource for recruitment, provide easy access for employee information, allow vendors access to posted RFPs, and keep the local community informed—in other words, it is more externally focused. Your individual school sites are focused on academic achievements, student progress, teacher recognitions, sharing creative and athletic talents, and more critical aspects of keeping everyone informed (especially parents). These sites should show off your successes, brag about your progress, and let the world know what makes you shine.

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What should my school’s website contain?

Each school's site should be unique. School Webmasters will research your local "competitors" (schools or districts in your open enrollment area, when it applies), discuss your school's goals and differentiators with you, and then, based upon our experience with the needs of educational organizations, we'll provide you with a list of recommendations. We'll often recommend a smaller site, in order to keep within your desired budget, and then continue to build out your site through monthly updates, making your site affordable without compromising quality or size.

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Our school already has a School Webmasters website; how do I submit a request to update our site?

We are thrilled to provide regular update services at no extra cost! If you are a School Webmasters client, please visit our customer portal to request an update for your school’s site. You'll need your log-in and password to access the portal; if you do not have log-in credentials, please contact your school administrator who can contact us to authorize your access. If you have forgotten your log-in information, please request a password reset.  

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Where are you located?

Our main office is in Arizona. This is where the company was founded. But, since all of our employees are working from home offices and are scattered around the U.S. we are definitely a virtual corporation. Welcome to life in the 21st century. Our Chief Operation Officer in Mississippi, our ADA compliance manager is in California, and the rest of us are in 10 other states. We are very proud of our business model, so we hope you’ll learn more about Our Story.

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