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Better than CMS
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Why would using the services offered by School Webmasters be better than using a content management software (CMS) and keep your website management inhouse?
No Training Needed!
Unlike using a CMS platform, where you must train everyone who touches the website, the staff doing your updates is already trained. It costs you nothing. They are trained for all the skills needed like: school website best practices, graphic design, ADA compliance, image copyright management, intuitive user interface, and much more.
When a school in New Jersey recently switched from their CMS system to School Webmasters services, we asked them why? “Our website person quit. We don’t know where anything is, how to manage it, nothing. No one here is trained for this.” We hear this type of comment frequently. If you can afford it, it is nice to have a dedicated webmaster to keep content, branding, compliance, and tone of voice consistent. But, when you can’t, we have the affordable solution.
Design Options
When you need something special, you have access to the just the right people. We provide you with access to experts in the fields of copywriting, design, CSS, Javascript, and whatever else is needed to get the job done.
We have your back, and you are the boss. Our staff will share their expertise with you in order to keep your site professional, current, and engaging while maintaining a consistent school brand and public image. We will arm you with the information you need to make the best decisions for your school, all based on experience and training from over a decade of school-specific website management.
Schools typically can’t afford to hire for the skillsets required to manage today’s school websites. Now you don’t have to. Your staff can stay focused on what they are trained to do, which probably isn’t public relations, marketing, branding, user interface preferences, storytelling, or social media. Whether it is quality control checks or the best font usage and word choice to create the most engaging copy, your website management team are ready and willing to turn a complex situation into a simple solution, all on a shoestring budget.