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Social Media management for schools

Social media can easily be a full-time job that no one on your staff has time for. School Webmasters helps schools use social media as effectively as possible.

Social Page Set-up

Don't know where to start with social media? Let School Webmasters help you establish, brand, and secure your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages according to best practices.

Support & Training

Social media takes a certain proficiency to execute smoothly. The Social4Schools Academy offers the tools and training you need to be able to implement social media more effectively.


Let our team do the work for you. With our social media packages, your school gets frequent posts of engaging content, tailored specifically for your school.

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Your community is using social media on a daily basis. Together with your website, your school's social media helps tell your school stories more completely.
It's not enough for organizations like schools to simply provide services—you must engage your community. Engagement is how your come to know and trust you, and such endeavors take time and effort. publics
Lengthen the reach of your communications by including social media in your marketing and public relations plans. Your school's presence and activity on social media will increase your brand awareness.
When done right, social media drives traffic to your website. The more traffic you have to your website, the more visibility your school has.

You owe it to your community to share the many great things that occur at your schools and social media is the ideal place to do that. Your website and social media should work together to tell your school's story more completely. Your School Webmaster's website will pull your audience in to get the information they need; Social4Schools will push your stories straight to their news feeds.