School Website Superheros!

School Webmasters' secret weapon for project management

mom multitasking kids, dinner, and on the phone

Would you be surprised to learn School Webmasters has a secret weapon when it comes to managing your projects? This weapon is involved from the beginning of your school website design and carries you through until our customer support team steps in to help with your website management. With this secret weapon in our arsenal, all the important items above fall into place, providing you with the best school website possible.

What is our secret weapon?


Let me tell you about the moms we at School Webmasters hire. The professional mom, the woman, who manages her children’s lives, her life, the grocery list, the dinner menu, the housecleaning, play dates, late school starts, the unexpected snow day, a call from the nurse saying her child is sick and needs to go home, and on and on and on. She is a master organizer, planner, scheduler (all traits that come in very handy in managing your project). Nothing is out of this mom’s grasp. This professional mom has it all under control. 

The mom who manages your school website project is educated, organized, professional, and puts her family before herself. She has put her own agenda aside while she puts great effort into raising a respectable and responsible family who realizes the importance of hard work and teaches it to them first hand by balancing her many responsibilities. 

Where they come from

Our moms live throughout the United States. You may live in Pennsylvania; however, your project manager may reside in Colorado. Either way, she will do what is necessary to connect with you and provide you with the best school website design possible. Our mom’s do not allow time differences to get in the way of doing exactly what needs to be done for your new school site.

What they bring to their role

Many of our project manager moms have impressive degrees under their belt. An undergraduate degree in business or accounting—or perhaps even family studies. We even employ moms who have their M.B.A.! The moms who choose to work for us have worked for banks and Fortune 500 companies, putting in countless hours, keeping them from their families. They know of the sacrifice working moms discuss at the PTCO meetings. Been there. Done that. Our moms have sacrificed and now say, “No more.” Instead, they realize they can have it all. We help them accomplish just that.

Why a mom is our expert

The moms we employ see the big picture. They want an identity for themselves, outside of their home and their family. Each one worked hard to earn her degree. That piece of paper and the time she gave to obtain it is important to her. She wishes to use what she studied long and hard to accomplish and what she has learned since then—but not at the expense of her family. 

Why they do it

Financial contribution: Many moms find that contributing financially to their family, is not only important, but for some it is a necessity. Managing the creation of your new school website helps to provide that financial stability, without the expense of leaving their families every day. The moms who work for us work for less pay than they would if they worked outside their homes; however, it’s worth it to them, because they get to do so with their children right beside them. And, as a result, you benefit in a lower cost school website. A win-win for all involved.

Flexibility: Being a project manager for us, assisting to create websites for schools, your school, allows these moms the flexibility they need to manage their families while still being extremely successful at managing your project. Our moms are able to work all hours of the day to accomplish what they need to in order to help provide you with the best school website. The tradeoff of being able to volunteer in their child’s class every week, knowing they will work later in the evening once he or she is asleep, is a trade-off worth its weight in gold to our moms. 

Fall break happens at every school. What do most families do? Stress and struggle, trying to figure out what to do with their kiddos. The moms we hire don’t even bat an eye at fall break. They know what they will do. How they will handle it. They will manage your new school website design while also managing their children. 

Identity giving: Each of these moms has amazing talents. Working with you on your school or district website or assisting you to update your site to a responsive website design provides her satisfaction and pride. She gets to work with other moms who are a part of her team and who create your school website by doing what they do for the same reasons she is. These moms are able to interact and support one another. They see value in what each provides every step of the process along the way to providing you with an amazing school website.

Mother knows best

Who knows school websites better than a mom? Moms use school sites on a regular basis, many times daily. They know what they’re looking for. If you think about it, it’s easy to understand that this mom is your school website expert. She is your ultimate consumer. She knows what she needs to know and what you need to share. 

This is the woman who pulls up her children’s school websites multiple times every week, ensuring she knows what is going on with either the PTCO, the lunch menu, or her children’s grades. She knows what she is looking for on your school website, possibly even better than you do. And, when she cannot find it, she’s frustrated. So of all the people who can assist you in creating your new school site, a mom is the expert for the job.

Moms are the best practice that cannot be overlooked

Moms have life skills and expectations that carry over to the business world. We couldn’t do what we do without our secret weapon—Project Manager Moms. They simply cannot be overlooked. The life knowledge they bring to the development process of your school website is unmatched. Want the best school website, one of the best school websites in the area? Allow our experts, our educated, organized, flexible, we-can-do-anything-all hours-of-the-day-or-night—our secret weapon moms—go to work for you!

Megan Gray, School Webmasters Project Coordinator