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What is Your School's Image?

Your school's image is more than a logo and motto. It includes the whole experience of belonging to your school community—and that includes your web presence!

School Webmasters takes care to ensure your website is beautifully designed, has accurate content, portrays a consistent tone, and encourages a positive school culture.
4 Ways Your Website can improve Your Image
Create a Great First Impression
If your website gives a "frustrating" first impression of your school, you’re damaging your image. School Webmasters ensures your site will look good and work well with easy-to-find key information.
Reflect a Positive School Culture
Because your website is so easy to keep updated, your content will be current, and your school programs, offerings, and culture will reflect positively on your school—increasing your chances of attracting new students and qualified professionals.

When your website's content is an accurate representation of your brand, you increase your chances of attracting new students and qualified professionals.
Tell Your School Stories
Your website is an ideal place to share your school stories, and Schools Webmasters will help you create a website and content that is a solid representation of your mission, vision, and values.
Build Trust With Your Stakeholders
School Webmasters websites are friendly and inviting. Parents will appreciate that your communications are timely and transparent. And because you’re reinforcing a positive image and keeping them informed, parents will trust you.
Long Term Benefits
Before ever setting foot in your school, potential parents check out your website. Make sure it is welcoming and friendly and information is easy to find.
It’s not just parents who are looking at your website—teachers and administrators visit websites to learn about schools before applying for positions.
Your website is the online illustration of who you are as a school community (i.e. your brand).
If you do a good job illustrating who you are on your website, your stakeholders will be able to get to know and like you.