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6 Risky School Communication Tips
Part 2 of The Path of Hero: Becoming a risk-taking school administrator

Here are six tips for building strong school public relations. We’re going to help you get out of your comfort zone and look at some school communication risks that can vastly improve your school’s public relations.

School Social Media: Are You Talking to an Empty Room?
How to build your school's social media following so people will actually SEE your posts

Are you struggling to get engagement on your school social media posts? Find out what you should be doing to create and manage successful school social media.

The Path of the Hero: Becoming a Risk-Taking School Administrator

It’s not easy to be a risk-taker. After all, “risk” involves the possibility that something unpleasant or unwelcome may happen. But risk also includes the possibility of something wonderful or amazing happening. What kind of school leader are you?

What is your school website “hired” to do?
Understanding the real purpose your website needs to accomplish

Is your school website doing the job that it needs to do? Only if it is helping you do the job that parents want to hire your school to do. Find out what jobs-to-be-done a school website needs to do.

The X-Factor: How and Why Testimonials Work for School Marketing and PR

When you are looking to increase your school's enrollment, positive, uplifting, and inspiring stories and testimonials are the "x-factor." Use it!

The Changing Role of the School IT Director
Empower your school's CTO and give them a seat at the table

Empower your school's CTO to use their technical expertise to improve student outcomes.

School Blogs: A Metaphorical Dinner Table for Your School Family

Your school website and social media presence are public relations tools that help you build and nurture relationships with audiences that are already connected to you; a blog can do the same.

How Schools Use Inbound Marketing to Win Hearts and Minds
What is the ROI of school marketing?

Inbound marketing is attracting customers with relevant content–when and where they need it. Learn how your school can create effective school marketing.

Customer Service: Minding Your Ps, Qs, and Netiquette
Healthy school communication online and in-person (Part 3 in a 3-part customer service series)

In part 3 of this customer service series, let’s look at some healthy, guiding principles to follow in order to establish your school as dependable and committed to good communication habits–both face-to-face and written.

Customer Service: Facing the Fury
Guarding your reputation by learning to give and take criticism (Part 2 of a 3-part customer service series)

In part 2 of our school customer service series, we’ll take a look how to deal with difficult or upset persons as well as how to deliver constructive criticism.