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Optimizing Your School's Emergency Notification System

Emergency notification systems have become indispensable tools for school communication. Are you using yours effectively?

Using COVID-19 school downtime to ramp up your school communication strategies
Improving communication in anticipation for our return to normal

While schools across the country are shut down for various lengths of time and staff and students work remotely to ensure students continue to learn, administrative staff can focus on improving communications.

Be Prepared for Emergency Communications
Strategic school communications includes emergency preparedness

The moment you are in an emergency situation is not the time to prepare for an emergency situation. Prepare now for future emergency situations at your school.

Providing Outstanding Virtual Customer Service During a Crisis

Can your school improve its school customer service by considering its virtual services? Find out how.

Distance Learning Accessibility during the Coronavirus Pandemic

While the world is fighting to find a cure for the Coronavirus (COVID-19), schools are scrambling to get their curriculum online and available to all of their students. Home-based distance learning has become the new norm for every school in the U.S.

Sustaining Your Message Through the Pandemic

You’re a principal or superintendent with no school in session, charged with continuing to communicate during a quarantine closure. What can you do to make this work? Check out the tips and resources to find out.

Effective School Communication During a Crisis

Learn why it is important to get in front of a crisis and when unable to do so, how to improve your messaging moving forward.

Web Accessibility Testing: Keyboard Accessibility

Whether it’s personal preference or a necessity, having a website that is keyboard accessible is vital to having a good user experience.

Responsive School Websites Offer a Whole New World
You've never had a school website like it

If your school doesn’t have a responsive website design yet, I’ve got bad news for you—your website is old and outdated! Let's fix that. 

How to Turn Your Entire Staff into a School News Army
Engage your school staff and encourage compelling communications

The most common complaint we hear from schools is that they struggle to get content from staff to keep their sites current, informative, and engaging. Learn how to solve those issues.