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School Public Relations: Do You See It?
Educators and parents working together magnifies student success and your school's PR

As a school administrator entrusted with the education of youth and fostering a positive school brand to current and potential families, your job is not easy. Take comfort in the reality that powerful components for your school’s success already exist in your school—the valuable relationship of teachers and parents. 

Don't Let Jargon Monoxide Poison Your School Communications, Part 2
How to Filter Out the Jargon and Improve Your School Public Relations

To be an effective educator, you must be a good communicator. To be a good communicator, you must break your messages down into their simplest form and change the way you talk about programs and educational systems. Let’s commit to replacing jargon with more relatable language and compelling, authentic stories.

Don't Let Jargon Monoxide Poison Your School Communications
Part 1: How Edu-speak May Be Killing Your Message

Vacant expressions, glazed eyes, confusion—these are all classic side effects of “jargon monoxide” poisoning. 

As academics and education professionals, there are terms and phrases that you use on a daily basis to which you possess a much deeper understanding than others outside educational circles.

School Communication Best Practices: 13 Tips for Newsletters
Are your parents getting the message?

As a parent in a busy family, one of my greatest struggles is getting the messages sent from schools. My children attend high school, junior high, elementary, and preschool, and staying au courant in our home is no small feat. So, if you can get my attention, you’re really doing something right.

Where are you spending your school website budget? Sales or Support?
Put your money where your priorities are; be a wise steward of your school's resources

Where is your school spending the funds allotted to hosting and managing its website? Is it the best option and are you getting what you pay for?

3 Steps to Expert School Website Management
How to assure your school's online school communications success

Your school’s website is that critical intersection between public relations, customer service, marketing, media relations, communications, and branding. Website management is the process that makes this a reality.

Think Twice Before Moving Your School to a WordPress Site!
Weighing the pros and cons of a DIY website for your school

In an effort to save money, has your school considered using a do-it-yourself software like WordPress? If so, weigh the pros and cons first.

Building a Positive School Culture

What is your school culture like? How would your students describe it? What about your staff? How can you improve it? Here are some ideas!

School Calendars: Your One-Stop School Communications Tool
How to Manage Your District and School Calendars

As school marketers, we sometimes become distracted by all the wonderful tools we have at our disposal—the website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever the next new social media trend will be—that we sometimes don’t give one of the most efficient tools in our arsenal the attention it deserves. I’m talking about your district and school calendars. 

How to Engage and Connect with Busy Parents
Incorporating a visual approach to your school marketing plan

Imagery is a timeless form of communication that engages audiences in various ways. Whether you recognize it yet or not, seeking to increase your use imagery as part of your school marketing is important, easy, and effective. Let’s look at the value of concrete imagery, such as pictures either on a printed page or screen