Overview of the Development Process

Our goal at School Webmasters is to make the development process for your new website(s) as painless as possible. Just for your information, here are the steps generally followed:

Prototype Design

  • The school issues a PO (purchase order) or the organization makes a 50% payment to School Webmasters.
  • You’ll complete the online Development Questionnaire (see link below).
  • You meet with the project manager to discuss design options and content needs.
  • The graphic designer creates a one-page prototype for your approval (you are approving style, color, and the basic design layout at this phase).
  • You approve or request revisions of the prototype.
  • If you are a school or school district, we invoice you for the first half of the design fee upon prototype approval.

Content Information Gathering

  • Send School Webmasters the items requested.

Research & Copywriting

  • Once we’ve received the requested items, we’ll begin writing the copy.
  • Research begins (to gather additional content related to your school or organization, community, etc.).
  • School Webmasters develops a site map.

Programming & Layout

  • Content layout
  • We create the pages and links, enter the content, convert forms, upload PDFs, etc.
  • We add graphics, photos, and sidebars after the content placement.

Final Steps & Going Live!

  • Proofing and link testing are completed.
  • You will be asked to redirect your URL (if applicable), or we’ll redirect the domain name we purchase on your behalf.
  • If a district or school, we will invoice you for the balance of the design fee.
  • We will begin billing for monthly updates/hosting at the first of each month.

Let’s Get Started…

Now, to begin, let’s start gathering information so we can hit the ground running! Click the link that applies to your website (district office site or organization or a single school site). Please use the District/Organization Questionnaire for a school district site, a district/school combo site, a stand-alone school site (such as a charter or private school), or an organization site. Please use the School Questionnaire for a school site that will be separate from your School Webmaster’s district website.

District/Organization or Stand-Alone School | School within a District