District Questionnaire

We are thrilled that you’ve chosen School Webmasters as your website provider. To get started, we’ve put together the following questionnaire to help guide us in the direction that is best for your organization. The questionnaire is quite involved and may take a substantial amount of time to complete, but we assure you that it is an extremely valuable part of the development process. As a note, the form session will time out after a couple of hours, so if you come to the page and have to walk away for a bit, be sure to refresh the page to start a new session. Once a session times out, your existing answers will not be saved, so please keep that in mind. We look forward to working with you!

District/Organization Contact Information

Website Information

Do you want us to use this domain name for your new website?
Do you want us to purchase a new domain name for you?
What screen resolution is most common for your organization?
Do you have a digital copy of your district's logo?
The logo or mascot that you select to represent your school or organization matters. Our mascot and logo design services can help you create an image that you'll be proud to show and wear for decades to come. Please see our logo and mascot portfolio and learn more about our print services.
If no, would you like a quote for the development of a logo?
See more about our print services.
Which three describe how you want your school perceived?
If we are developing a custom website for you, please give us a few examples of some district or organization websites that you particularly like.
If we are developing a template website for you, please look at our design choices to choose the Standard (Level 1) template or the Customized (Level 2) template you like best (depending on which level you contracted for). We are happy to discuss the various options with you, but is there one (or two) that you prefer? We also invite you to take a look at the customized website features we offer. If you're not sure which level you contracted for, please email the lead project coordinator to find out.
You’ll also stay out of hot water with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and the U.S. Department of Education by complying with website accessibility laws. Learn more about our ADA compliance service.
Are you interested in learning about our ADA compliance service?
Planning and managing effective social media for your school is time-consuming, but we can do it for you! See what we have to offer.
Interested in social media set up and maintenance?

Content Information

What pages are critical to your site:

Content Contacts

To more effectively develop your site's content, and to save you time, we will contact key content personnel directly. Please provide us with their names, email addresses, and the information we should request from them. (i.e. Human Resources, Food Service, Business Services, Transportation, etc.)
Please supply the name and email of your IT contact for redirecting your domain and other IT related items.
Do you have any graphics or photos you'd like us to use?

Contact Information