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Standard Website Design

Prices begin at $1650 per site. Additional pages beyond 15 are available at $70 per page.

Site features include:

  • 15 pages, including content that is written/edited by professional copywriters
  • 15 royalty free stock photos for sub-pages (unless you can provide us with your own photos)
  • Choice of colors for your school website
  • Customized header area that reflects your school's name and mascot
  • Additional pages beyond 15 are available at $70 per page
  • Elementary and Middle Schools receive a $10 per page discount off above pricing
  • Recommended site map will be compiled by our copywriters for your approval

The design/layout selected (placement of sidebars, quicklinks, slideshows) on the home page or sub-pages cannot be altered for basic template pricing. If you need something a bit more custom, please contact us about our customized templates or our custom website designs.

For affordable responsive website designs for your school web page, let School Webmasters help. We can provide you with an intuitive education website template that will make you proud and serve your audience needs well. Our website designs for schools are considered the model of great school website designs. We'll guide your strategy and help you implement effective communication strategies as part of our website management services.

The Laurel Design *New*

Laurel Design

Examples of the Laurel Design

Laurel Design Template

The Hawthorne Design *New*

Hawthorne Design

Examples of the Hawthorne Design

Dubois Elementary NAVIT Hawthorne Design Template

The Cedar Design *New*

Cedar Design

Examples of the Cedar Design

North Decatur Elementary Moniteau High School Snowflake High School

The Hickory Design *New*

Hickory Design

Examples of the Hickory Design

Fiber Energy Products West Oso High School Hickory Design Template

The Birch Design

Birch Design

Examples of the Birch Design

Desert Mesa Elementary School High School Website: Show Low High School

The Magnolia Design

Magnolia Design

Examples of the Magnolia Design

Minnesota Valley Education District Mohawk Valley ESD Hawlemont Regional School

The Mulberry Design

Mulberry Design

Examples of the Mulberry Design

Dassa McKinney Grant High School Clark Elementary

The Cypress Design

Cypress Design

Examples of the Cypress Design

Alice Byrne Kayenta MS