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School Website Compliance
An effective school website must also be compliant. Be sure your hard work doesn’t get your school in trouble. We can help!


We Ensure an ADA Compliant Website Design

Responsive, mobile-friendly website

Navigation that facilitates screen readers

Keyboard Accessibility (for those unable to use a mouse)

Color contrast issues eliminated during design

Alt text and semantic markup incorporated

ADA Website Compliance
It’s the law! The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) processes complaints every month against schools whose websites are not ADA compliant. Keep your school from being one of them. 
Before the lawyers get involved or remediation and audits are required, get your school website up to WCAG 2.0 A/AA standards. The good news is that it’s all part of our services.


Training for Document Creation
While we manage all website updates for you, your staff may create documents as attachments (PDFs, Word docs, etc.). These also must be compliant.
We will provide free online training to your staff to learn how to create compliant documents so that when we add them to your site for download or viewing, they will be ADA compliant.
Compliant Website Management
Once your school websites are designed to be ADA compliant, the next step is to make sure they stay that way. Here's how we make sure that happens:
  • Our staff is trained to maintain compliance for every new update (content or graphic) to your website. Whether it is Alt Text or semantic markup or color contrast, we keep your website accessible and compliant.
  • Your staff never needs training on editing or managing the website again!


Using Your Own Photos
We encourage you to use your own photos on your social media and your school websites. The quality of your camera (even your phone) photos is typically high enough to produce great shots. For some photo taking tips, visit our blog.
We highly recommend that you have photo releases on file for any photos you use with recognizable people. An image release form is often done annually for all students and is an easy way to make sure you respect the wishes of students and their parents.
Image Copyright Infringement
Another area of compliance is to make sure the images you post to your school website are not protected by copyright. Here's how we help!
  • If your website needs stock photos (for design or visual appeal), we purchase them through royalty-free providers for you. No charge to you.
  • If your staff submits photos for inclusion that we suspect might be stock or professional photos, we will confirm that they were obtained legally. If not, we will recommend alternatives.