School Social Media Platforms

Learn how schools use social media and implement best practices. Social media in schools is here to stay, so improve your school communications strategies by implementing an effective school social media platform. Whether you begin by creating a Facebook page or setting up a Twitter account, take the plunge.

Facebook for Schools

Facebook is perhaps the most-widely used social networking site, with 71% of online adults using it to keep in touch with family, friends, and colleagues. The ability to create a business page on Facebook makes it a unique tool for those who want to spread an awareness of their brand, and your school is no exception! At a minimum, all schools should have a Facebook page. Facebook for schools is simply a no-brainer considering the numbers of parents utilizing this communications resource every day.

Instagram for Schools

Instagram is all about photo sharing. It’s a mobile-based platform, meaning you post photos straight from an app on your phone or tablet, not a desktop computer. It’s your go-to photo-sharing platform when you’re on-the-go! Instagram is easily partnered with Facebook, and schools using both can expand their audience by reaching parents and students alike since each platform tends to attract a different age group. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. With Instagram, you can do more than just tell followers how great your school is—you can show them!

Twitter for Schools

Twitter is a great way to get messages and information to parents and students quickly and in 280 characters or less. Not only is Twitter for schools an especially popular way for students to connect with one another, administrators and teachers have made Twitter a real place for professional development, engaging in chats and sharing resources with educators all around the world. So, create a Twitter account and add it to your social media communications plan.

Pinterest for Schools

Pinterest is a great way to visually communicate with your community, literally showing them who you are and what you have to offer. Share online resources, favorite art projects and recipes, exciting classroom experiments, and photos that bring your followers right into the classroom. Followers can re-pin your images, making it extremely effective in getting the word out about your school. Using Pinterest for schools is a great way to encourage parent engagement and to help parents find convenient and fun solutions to their student needs.


Blogging is an extremely effective way to communicate with your parents and community while also letting them “see” your humanity in your position at the school. In fact, it’s a great marketing and public relations tool. Blogging regularly will not only help your communication, but it will also help your school’s ranking on search engines, making it easier for people to find you. If you’re a website client, we can help you create a blog page for your website that you can update as often as you want!