Social Media Development Questionnaire

Thank you for allowing School Webmasters to help your school get started with your school social media. The survey below will help us as we set up your social media best practices in each platform. Please review each section and answer every question for the platforms for which you have contracted. We will be in touch if we have any questions.

Thanks for letting us be your social media guide!

Facebook for Schools

School Facebook pages must be anchored to a personal Facebook account. There is no sharing of content from the personal account to the school page; it is simply a method of managing the page. Your page manager’s personal Facebook account will receive notifications from the school page, but page followers will never be able to view the page manager’s personal page unless they are already “friends.”

For Existing Facebook Pages:
We will need your current page manager to provide us with administrative access to your existing school page. Our social media representative will “Like” your school page, enabling you to assign him/her as a page administrator. We will contact you when we’ve completed our end and walk you through the process of making our team member a page administrator.

For New Facebook Pages:
Please enter the email address associated with your page manager’s existing, personal Facebook account so we can invite him or her to become a page administrator on the school page.

Please enter the email address associated with your page manager's existing, personal Facebook account so we can invite him or her to become a page administrator on the school page.
Facebook only allows you to change the Facebook URL once after it is set up. For consistency, we will attempt to use your Twitter handle (if you have one) for your truncated Facebook URL.
What image would you like on your Facebook profile?

Permissions for your Facebook page

(This does not include comments. People will always be able to post comments about your original content.)
Do you want your fans to be able to post content on your page?
Do you want your fans to be able to post pictures on your page?
If yes, would you like to require admin approval before shown?
Do you want your fans to be able to tag photos that you post?
Do you want your fans to send private messages? (recommended)
If yes, someone will need to monitor your page and respond to messages. Only administrators of the page can see messages.

Moderation Block List: We will add 458 versions of “bad words” to the moderation block list. This means that Facebook will block any posts using these words and mark them as spam. This helps prevent people from spamming your page. Note: It is possible to unblock posts or comments that are marked as spam, in the event you’d like others to see the post.
What would you like your profanity block list set to?
Do you want your Facebook page to list your school:
We recommend that you link your Facebook page to your Twitter account. This means that whatever you post on Facebook will also post to your Twitter page at the same time. Since posts on Twitter can only be 140 characters long, your longer Facebook posts will automatically truncate and link back to your Facebook page.
Do you want this functionality? (recommended)
Does your school have an Instagram account you’d like to connect to Facebook? If so, please provide the following:


We will create a Twitter handle that is as close to your school’s name as possible. Keep in mind your handle should be as short as possible while still maintaining the integrity of your school name. For example, ABC Elementary School, located in Phoenix, AZ might choose the following handles: @ABCSchool_AZ @ABCElementaryAZ @ABC_Elementary @ABC_AZ @ABCElemAZ
Would you like to attach a cell or mobile app to this account?
Do you want to be notified by email when:
People mark your tweets as favorites (not recommended)
People retweet your tweet
Your tweets get a reply or you are mentioned in a tweet
You are followed by someone new (not recommended)
You are sent a direct message (recommended)
Do you want top tweets and stories sent to your email each:
We will start your Twitter account by following about 10 key local and national organizations, including (if applicable) the U.S. Department of Education, your state department of education, key news channels, your local library, etc.


We will start your Pinterest page by creating five to ten boards relating to school, education, children, parenting, and/or your local area. We will also include some pins to help you get started.
Please indicate the boards you would like us to include.