“Mom, can you help me put this dress on my dolly?”
“Mom, do you want to go on a space adventure with me?”
“Mom, I really need a hug.”
“Mom, I’m so glad I found my forever family.”

Nothing is more satisfying than getting to tell my recently adopted daughter, “Sure dear, I’d love to.” She brings so much joy into my life, and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work for a company that gives me opportunity to not only grow in my professional development but also to soak up these precious moments.

When you work for School Webmasters, you get to choose your level of participation. I started out as a graphic representative working two hours a day. I felt accomplishment as I looked in the back end of a site to figure out how to move a title 10px to the right.

When I was ready for more, I asked if there were any special projects I could help with and started learning some of the more advanced inner workings of our platform. Now I get to serve with two amazing teams as we strive to delight our clients on a daily basis and put some of my design skills to work.

I love that I am continually learning new things three years later, at my pace, for a company that appreciates me and utilizes my strengths. Basically, I feel like I have it all—career, learning, and family—all tied up in a big pretty bow.”