I am the sales person here at School Webmasters. My job is not all that unique, in that I go to work on the weekdays, and I travel to some school administrators conferences about 10 times a year. I am unbelievably grateful that, true to our company mission statement, family can be first for me too. My sweet wife can stay home with the little guys, and I have the flexibility to do what is most important. In some ways we are pretty laid back, but in other ways, the expectations are so unbelievably high, that it is a wonder that we have gathered such a talented group of experts.

I don’t do the interviewing, but I imagine that it goes something like this. ‘Ok, I see that you were making $35.00 an hour working in your fancy downtown office building, surrounded by other professionals who constantly praised you for your exemplary work…Ok, and now you want to work for $12.00 an hour surrounded by your needy children who will do anything to keep you from working on your computer. Sounds great! Sign here.’

I think that many more service companies will soon be looking to do things like we are. It works; it saves money for schools and for moms across the country. Thanks to my mom for coming up with such a great idea 14 years ago. Now I just need to sell another 500 schools so I can earn my keep.