Developer Questionnaire

School Webmasters prepared this questionnaire for your use. Feel free to make edits and adjustments to fit your website development needs. You are also welcome to use this form, available as a Google template, to customize for your school procurement processes. Website Developer Questionnaire Template.

The Business

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Are you based in the U.S. or overseas?
  3. What size company are you?
  4. How would you describe your business model?

Experience & Reputation

  1. How long has your firm been building websites for schools?
  2. How many online solutions have you developed?
  3. Have you worked with schools or districts similar in size and type to ours?
  4. What are your company’s core competencies?
  5. Where can I see samples of your work for other schools?
  6. What are your company’s strengths and weaknesses?
  7. Can you provide school client references?

Development Process

  1. Describe the process you use for your website development projects.
  2. What is your estimated timeline to build my site?
  3. Will I have a dedicated project manager for my design project?
  4. Who will be assigned to my project team and what are their skillsets?
  5. What do we (the school) need to do/provide?
  6. Will I own the content and design assets for my completed site?
  7. Can you make my site responsive (for mobile and tablet devices)?

The Cost

  1. What are the design costs?
  2. What are the ongoing hosting/maintenance costs?
  3. What payment structure is available for your services?
  4. Will training be offered/included if that is necessary?
  5. What contract term/length do you require?

Creative and Hosting Platforms

  1. For which browsers do you design and test your sites?
  2. Do you build your sites to be search engine friendly?
  3. What web-application development environment and servers do you use?
  4. Please describe, in detail, the security and stability measures utilized for your hosting platform.
  5. Do you handle my domain name registration or transfer? Is there a charge for this?
  6. Do I own the domain name used for my site?
  7. What is the guaranteed uptime for your hosting service?
  8. If I need to add an e-commerce solution, with what shopping cart(s) do you have integration experience?
  9. What is the backup procedure for my school’s website?
  10. Are your websites ADA compliant?

Management & Support

  1. Do you offer any management services (ongoing content and graphic updates, copywriting, quality control, editing, graphic design, etc.)?
  2. If you provide daily management for website updates, what is the turnaround time for completed site updates?
  3. What other services are available with your company? (SEO, hosting, social media, logo/mascot design, domain names, copywriting, print design
  4. services, video services, public relations support, etc.)
  5. Who manages issues that can come up like server outages, hacks, site malfunctions?
  6. What are your support hours?
  7. Is there a limit on the update requests we can submit per month?
  8. Will your staff make recommendations on ways to improve our submitted update requests in order to maintain professionalism and best practices?
  9. Is proofing and editing a part of the review process when update requests are submitted?
    What other review and quality control services are included as part of your customer support services (if applicable)?

If you would like to review School Webmaster’s services for your next website development/management project, you may download our responses to this questionnaire here. For a price quote, please complete our quote request as well. Thank you for considering us!