Client Spotlight: Castle Dome Middle School

Public Middle School | 875 Students | Yuma, AZ

Client Summary

Castle Dome Middle School is one of 19 schools in Yuma Elementary School District One. District One is the largest elementary school district in Yuma County and boasts of over 8,000 kindergarten through eighth-grade students and over 1,300 employees. Castle Dome Middle School focuses on providing students opportunities to grow academically, socially, and emotionally while becoming active citizens in their community.

Project Summary

School Webmasters has managed the websites for Yuma Elementary School District One since 2007. In 2016/17 district administration requested redesigns for all its sites to give them more modern, responsive designs. The schools were able to choose from our standard website designs. Of the nineteen schools, we highlight Castle Dome Middle School’s site to show how beautiful an affordable website can be.

Website Features

Custom header with school logo

All of School Webmasters’ standard website designs include the school’s choice of colors for their website and a customized header area that reflects the school’s name and mascot. Castle Dome Middle School’s website uses a simple, yet classic, royal blue and grey motif to go with it’s awesome Knight logo.

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Intuitive site navigation

Navigation is the key to website usability. School Webmasters has a proven and logical navigation structure that we recommend for schools. When it comes to finding information quickly, we favor a traditionally intuitive style. Castle Dome’s site navigation is a great example of this clean, organized navigation system.

Professional copywriting

Effective school websites aren’t just nice to look at; they also need to be filled with great content! School Webmasters provides well-written website copy that provides your site visitors with the quality information they need.

From the About Us page to the Helpful Links, Castle Dome’s site is filled with useful, positive content. School Webmasters gathers information with the help of the client, interviewing key school personnel, creating a strategy, and finalizing the website content.

News page

One of the most important school website features is the News page. Schools that want involved, invested parents need to have current, relevant News pages. Castle Dome Middle School does a great job of keeping their news page updated. Even during the summer when most schools would let its news pages sit quietly, Castle Dome shares information about parent volunteers along with other pertinent summertime material.

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Prominently-placed social media

Parents won’t be checking your website every day, so one great way to make sure your school community stays up to date is by using your social media. Castle Dome Middle School’s social media links are placed prominently in the header next to the site search. Parents can easily receive news and updates in their social media feeds, and the school can direct them to the website whenever there is additional important information.

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