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Staff Testimonials

School Webmasters hires only the "cream of the crop" independent contractors and employees who work from their home offices in states across the nation. Read why so many people—graphics designers, copywriters, content and graphics customer support representatives, and project managers—love working for School Webmasters.

What our Contractors Have to Say

  • I have worked at School Webmasters for almost five years. Each day has been such a blessing! I am thankful that this job has let me be a mom first; I don’t know of any other company that is so understanding of family life. I have been able to be home and present for my children and still participate in the working world. I have developed many skills all from my home office whilst being able to make lunches, change diapers, carpool, and volunteer at my children's school. I am so thankful I get to be at the crossroads of my children’s lives.

    I started out updating website content and working with our wonderful costumer service team, but over time, I was able to branch out and join our ADA team. I love the constant learning and growth this job has provided me in a variety of areas. I have also been impressed with my fellow School Webmaster employees and their dedication to provided top-quality services to our clients. I have also thoroughly enjoyed working with people who are always willing to help each other even though we don’t share a physical office. They help make the job! It has been a great experience to be an employee for School Webmasters.

    -Lee Brooks
    ADA Remediation Team

  • Working for School Webmasters is a treat in every way. I wake up each morning excited to start new projects, learn new things and be creative. I have so much fun working, it often feels like a game where I advance to different levels with each task I complete. Nothing beats seeing the immediate and rewarding impact of my work and I’m so proud of everything I’m able to accomplish and contribute. Having a flexible schedule is an exceptional perk and I love that I get to work from home every day! I feel so lucky to be a part of the School Webmasters team. I never knew that I could love and enjoy a job as much as I do here.

    -Amber Lauder
    Graphic Support Representative

  • "Working for School Webmasters has been far and above the best work-from-home experience I have ever had. Over the past 15 years, being a stay-at-home mom who has still needed to find a way to contribute to the household finances means I’ve had my share of jobs that promised I could have it all. Those jobs could never really deliver, though, on allowing me to feel really fulfilled professionally and personally. Either I was being asked to work too much to take care of things the way I wanted to at home, or I was being asked to do the work no one else wanted to do with too few words of encouragement. What a breath of fresh air working for School Webmasters has been!

    Not only do I work from the comfort of my own home office (or coffee shop, or my sister’s place, or wherever!) during the hours of my choosing, but I feel professionally challenged and rewarded on a daily basis. There’s so much room to grow professionally here! I started out doing content updates and was always invited to learn more as I went along. My team leaders gave me the opportunity to find out what else I was good at, and I eventually moved into copywriting and quality control and am now the director of social media. The fact that I can do all that and still be allowed, no, encouraged to make my family a priority over my job is why I love this company.

    I love that I can choose to spend the morning chaperoning a field trip if I want to, and I don’t have to worry about it affecting my career. Even working from home, past jobs have not allowed me to do that. What good is working from home if you’re still chained to your desk?

    Our clients are a delight; every day is an opportunity to learn something new, and I get to work alongside a talented, dedicated, grounded team of people who will lend a helping hand if I have to run out on a kid-related errand at a moment’s notice. It feels so great to finally have a work-from-home job that really allows me to have it all!"

    -Anna Nolan
    Director of Social Media, Copywriter, and Content Representative

  • "Being able to work from home has definitely been one of the greatest blessings in my life. Many things have happened that led me here, and I will always grateful for this opportunity.

    Although I wanted to work, I added up the costs for daycare and what my salary would be if I worked outside of my home. I also weighed the pros and cons of not being home with my children, and it just did not make sense to go back to work. Now I’m working enough to contribute financially to the household income and utilize my skills without having to leave my four beautiful boys.

    School Webmasters helps each individual that works for them become better at everything he/she does. The company’s level of professionalism is incredible, and I am so glad to be a part of it! Although we don’t work in a traditional office environment together, we are a team that functions as well or better than any other place I have ever worked. Everyone contributes what they can to make things run smoothly and efficiently, and it is wonderful to know that I have a place here."

    -Ellen Young
    Customer Support Manager

  • "Working from home. How do I love thee? Oh, let me count the ways:

    So...maybe I am wearing makeup and a professional outfit. But maybe I'm not.

    The caller ID says it’s the school. "Oh, my dear, you forgot your lunch?" Or, "He's running a fever? No problem, I'll be there in 5 minutes."

    "Mom! I don't have any clean underwear." "No worries, child. You can go commando today, but when you get home there will be clean laundry."

    I could go on and on. But it boils down to being there for my family because I work for a company that believes in "family first," from the top level of management on down. The principals created this company with the intention of fostering a work culture supportive and conducive to a workforce that needs the flexibility. Every day I work with other contractors who, when I most need it, will step in and take over a task I can't complete due to an unforeseen time constraint, who patiently answer my questions with "no problem!" and "how can I help?" I might not work next to my co-workers; in fact, I may be thousands of miles from them, but I know a friendly face and a smile when I see one. I am lucky to call myself a part of the School Webmasters team."

    -Cathy Bankhead
    Copywriter, Editor, Content Representative

  • "I am the sales person here at School Webmasters. My job is not all that unique, in that I go to work on the weekdays, and I travel to some school administrators conferences about 10 times a year. I am unbelievably grateful that, true to our company mission statement, family can be first for me too. My sweet wife can stay home with the little guys, and I have the flexibility to do what is most important. In some ways we are pretty laid back, but in other ways, the expectations are so unbelievably high, that it is a wonder that we have gathered such a talented group of experts.  

    I don't do the interviewing, but I imagine that it goes something like this. 'Ok, I see that you were making $35.00 an hour working in your fancy downtown office building, surrounded by other professionals who constantly praised you for your exemplary work...Ok, and now you want to work for $12.00 an hour surrounded by your needy children who will do anything to keep you from working on your computer. Sounds great! Sign here.'

    I think that many more service companies will soon be looking to do things like we are. It works; it saves money for schools and for moms across the country. Thanks to my mom for coming up with such a great idea 14 years ago. Now I just need to sell another 500 schools so I can earn my keep."

    -Jim Leedy
    Director of Sales and Marketing

  • "When the opportunity came up to work for School Webmasters, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing: work from home, flexible hours, and family first. Was this for real?

    I can tell you first hand, that yes, it is for real! I love working from home! I can work in the early morning before the morning rush begins. I can work during the day. I can work in the evenings and even late into the night.  

    If my kids are sick, I don’t need to find a babysitter or frantically call someone to try and cover for me. If I need to schedule an appointment, I have more availability than if I was working a normal 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. job. If one of my kids forgets his lunch or project, I have the option to run down to the school. I also like that I can be home to share those first after-school moments with my children.

    I like our work environment as well. Our team members are like family. If I have a question or need help with a job, I know that I can e-mail any of my team members, and they will step in and help. I also like collaborating with other members of the team. If I have an idea but am not sure how it will look on a client’s site, I can always bounce it off another team member, and we come up with the best solution for our clients.

    The best reason I love working for School Webmasters is that I know I am appreciated! Whether it’s my birthday, my School Webmasters anniversary, Christmas, or that I did a good job on a project for one of our clients, I know my hard work doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated!  

    I have learned so much the past several years working for School Webmasters, and I am looking forward to many more years to come!"

    -Kimm Theobald
    Assistant to Customer Support Manager, Content Representative

  • “Mom, can you help me put this dress on my dolly?"
    “Mom, do you want to go on a space adventure with me?”
    “Mom, I really need a hug.”
    “Mom, I’m so glad I found my forever family.”

    Nothing is more satisfying than getting to tell my recently adopted daughter, “Sure dear, I’d love to.” She brings so much joy into my life, and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work for a company that gives me opportunity to not only grow in my professional development but also to soak up these precious moments.  

    When you work for School Webmasters, you get to choose your level of participation. I started out as a graphic representative working two hours a day. I felt accomplishment as I looked in the back end of a site to figure out how to move a title 10px to the right.

    When I was ready for more, I asked if there were any special projects I could help with and started learning some of the more advanced inner workings of our platform. Now I get to serve with two amazing teams as we strive to delight our clients on a daily basis and put some of my design skills to work.  

    I love that I am continually learning new things three years later, at my pace, for a company that appreciates me and utilizes my strengths. Basically, I feel like I have it all—career, learning, and family—all tied up in a big pretty bow."

    -Sarah King
    Graphics Support Manager, User Interface Designer

  • "I had always had a job that required me to have a certain wardrobe and drive to and from an office, which required me to have a car that I had to fill up with gas on a regular basis. I had to be at my place of work at a certain time, on certain days, and was required to take breaks and lunch at certain times.

    When I started working for School Webmasters, it was life changing, and the freedom was amazing. I was now able to stay at home and spend time with my family. I could take lunch when I needed and was allowed to take breaks when I wanted. My wardrobe became one that I chose to wear, and my hours were when I wanted to work. I found that if I stayed focused on my tasks and was organized, my level of flexibility and freedom was a wonderful thing. I have enjoyed this job more than any other job, and I can honestly say that I love what I do. I am so grateful to School Webmasters for creating a business model that allows me, as a mom, to be able to work and not have the guilt associated with leaving my kids in daycare. Thank you, School Webmasters."

    -Tammy Carpenter
    Art Director

  • "I absolutely LOVE working for School Webmasters. Not only do I get the chance to stay home with my adorable little girls, but I get to work for a company that lets me be my best self. In the seven years that I have worked here, I’ve had the chance to work in almost every area of the company, learning all that I can and developing my talents. I feel like my ideas are always valued, and I am truly part of a team of caring individuals. I love getting up in the morning and 'going' to work, never feeling stressed out by my job, and loving every minute of it. School Webmasters is an amazing company and a wonderful organization to work for!"

    -Melanie Guymon
    Director of Operations

  • "When my college-age son told me he wanted to spend some time with me and could we go to a movie, I told him 'Absolutely! And this is one reason I love my job.' When my teenage daughter wanted her friends to come for waffles with chocolate chips and whipped cream before school, I said, 'Yes, invite everybody over. That sounds like fun!' When my neighbor called needing a ride to get his radiation treatment, I told him, 'Absolutely! Just tell me what time you need it.' When the car broke down, and I needed extra cash to get it fixed, I said, 'No problem. I’m so glad I have a good job.'

    Working from home requires some juggling of responsibilities and priorities, but having the opportunity to put on the clown costume every day and do the juggling act is far more fun and satisfying than any 8:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m. job I could ever have. I love the variety and the flexibility—the fact that if I want to, I can do it at 6:00 the morning, at 2:00 in the afternoon, at 8:00 at night, or after midnight. I love that I can work in my bare feet while sitting next to my daughter doing her homework or while the house is quiet and the kids are at school. I love that I don’t have to fill up the gas tank very often or buy a professional wardrobe, eating away my earnings. And I love that I have found something I’m good at.

    Working for School Webmasters is the legit work-from-home job that I have loved for over ten years, and I’m looking forward to many more. It’s the best!"

    -Judy Bittner
    Copywriting Director, Lead Project Coordinator

  • I love that I have so many opportunities to expand my knowledge of web accessibility and apply what I learn to my work. When I complete a site review, it's like I'm putting together the pieces of a puzzle and it's so exciting when everything comes together. I also really like that I get to talk to clients about ways that we can improve their sites and documents. Seeing the immediate impact of my work is important to me, and there's nothing more rewarding than knowing that my work in the accessibility team is helping other people.

    -Amber Lauder
    Accessibility Specialist