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How is YOUR public school website?

If you are a public or independent school, your public school website is not a luxury; it’s a critical communication and recruitment tool. Unfortunately, many districts do not utilize the full value of their website. School Webmasters provides the latest trend in effective school website management and solves that problem affordably.

Communication is the Key

In the “olden” days, the traditional modes of communication for schools were simple. There were parent/teacher conferences, report cards, phone calls home when a child misbehaved; there was a time when these were more than sufficient. The school was there, the teachers were there, the students were sent to the local school—no questions asked. It was the law. 

But education as we know it has changed, and what the public expectations are of our educational institutions is enormous. In contrast to the alleged “decline” in education, when we factor in the challenges our school systems face today that no one even dreamed of in days gone by, we immediately recognize that our schools are actually more capable than ever. The reality isn’t that public schools aren’t effective; rather, it’s just that they do a poor job of promoting their educational successes. The failure lies in the communication—not in the education. 

If you don’t communicate the positives, then you are at the mercy of the critics who get all the attention simply because they are making more noise. You can engage your community and earn their support and turn your parents and students into raving fans. It is all about effective school communication.

The Key to Success; Your Public School Website

Your public school website or independent school website can be your most effective tool. Done right—by adapting to the needs of your stakeholders and proactively communicating effectively and consistently—you’ll create a ground swell of advocates. This advocacy allows your school to succeed in providing the young people in your charge with a foundation for success. Like tiny grains of yeast, successful schools have the power to raise the whole of our nation to new heights. Yes, communication matters—and your public school website or district website is a vital resource.

Save Thousands of Dollars While Improving Your Image

The benefits of effective school websites can save your school thousands of dollars each year while it improves your school’s image, promotes your successes, and creates a powerful school public relations machine.

Even on your school's limited budget, you can have school sites that represent your public school or district with pride. Our pricing is very affordable and we will work with your school to accommodate your financial concerns. For some of the best school websites at the most affordable prices, School Webmasters may be the right choice for you.

We specialize in:

  • Public school websites - It is essential for public schools to maintain an effective, informative, and current school website. We understand the needs and challenges faced by public schools and can provide the staff, behind the scenes, to solve the problems required in maintaining public school websites. Check out some live examples from our public school portfolios.
  • District websites - Your school district site, often called the main office website, is the workhorse of your district communication and marketing efforts. It is the first impression most parents and prospective staff will have of your school district. How does yours measure up?
  • Independent school websites - Independent schools understand the necessity of strategic communication and that includes an effective school website. How you market yourself and appear online can make all the difference when attracting quality staff and increasing enrollment. 
  • School website hosting - As the complexities of server management and security issues increase exponentially, the importance of top tier hosting services is critical. Don't use your valuable staff time dealing with server updates, security patches, and other time-consuming hosting issues. Learn more about the website hosting services we provide with all of our K12 websites.
  • Responsive school websites - Learn more about why a mobile-friendly, responsive website is a must-have in today's highly connected world. Make sure your website is readily available, easy to navigate, and accessible regardless of the device or browser your site visitors are using.
  • Full-service school website management - Your public school website needs more than just a pretty face. It needs to be current, informative, inviting, and accurate. After all, it represents all that you have to offer so keeping it that way is vital. We can make sure that happens as we work behind the scenes to keep your sites looking great and keeping your parents, students, and community members coming back.

  • ADA website compliance - Included in our website management services is making sure your school website accessibility is maintained. No annual staff training (except for documents you create and have us post) and no worries that the Office of Civil Rights will find your school out of compliance. Happy day!

Need the best K12 school website at an affordable price? Would you like to avoid the hassle of creating effective website content, strategic communication planning, and daily management that an effective school website requires? Contact School Webmasters to learn about our unique business model and wide array of services. You can have a website and social media platform that rivals those of high-end private schools, without the expense.