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Branding with Logos & Mascots

The term “branding” refers to more than just stamping a tagline on your school letterhead and newsletters. Your brand is the collection of perceptions that you want to promote to your enrolled families, prospective families and visitors, and the community at large. Although branding may typically be associated with the business world, make no mistake—a distinctive brand can be one of your school’s most valuable assets and should guide your school website design.

A well-thought-out brand gives your school the edge when it comes to everything from marketing and fundraising to home and school communication. Through that one, single image, you can communicate your promise to deliver on your mission as a school. Students will feel a sense of pride when they see it on their school publications, their social networking pages, and even on their clothing. Visitors to your website will be reminded of your school’s commitment to excellence by the presence of your unique brand, and they will come to recognize and trust you by it. Your logo and mascot are an integral part of your school website design.

School Webmasters is proud to offer logo and mascot design services, helping your school create and spread your brand and market your school more successfully.

Logo Design & Pricing

A logo is a graphic mark or emblem your school can use to attain instant public recognition, allowing you to spread your brand more easily. An effective logo becomes implanted in the memories of your target audience—think Coke, Apple, Nike, and IBM. You’re seeing their logos in your mind’s eye right now, right?  

Some schools create purely graphic logos, some just include their name or motto, and others use a mixture of both. Some companies do a mixture of words and a shape. Effective logo designs are simple and memorable; a single, lasting image that captures the essence of your school. Not sure where to start? We can help! Order your logo design today.


All logos cost $500 and include three (3) concepts and two (2) revisions of the concept you select. Additional concepts cost $100 each; each additional revision costs $30.

Mascot Design & Pricing

Are you a school, club, or organization that needs a custom mascot to represent you? Do you need a character to personify your businesses personality (think the Geico Gecko, the M&M characters, or the Planters Peanut)? Much like the importance of an effective logo, a good mascot will be an instant brand recognition tool. If you’re looking for help creating a memorable and unique mascot, you’ve come to the right place. Order your mascot design today.


We can create graphics using your pre-designed mascot for just $50. For $300, we will design a custom mascot just for you. All mascots include three (3) concepts with two (2) revisions on the mascot you select (color revisions only on pre-designed mascots). Additional revisions cost $30 each.