Could your school use website help?

Stay focused on educating; put the webmasters to work on your sites

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Your support staff is busy, your teachers are overwhelmed, and administrators are wearing many hats. Now there is a solution to keeping your school website current.

What you’d really like is to be able to afford dedicated staff, focused on keeping your communications channels open and informative. One of the most valuable resources you manage is your school’s website. Unfortunately, it is often neglected in favor of more pressing, even urgent matters. But, what if you could have a well-managed, effective website without adding more responsibility to your existing staff? What if we could show you how that can easily happen and by how improving communication you can bring in more revenue through increased enrollment? Sound impossible? Well, hear me out…

What is available to your school is a service that is far beyond simple content management software that you must manage in-house. We provide the staff who can make strategic recommendations, guide you with best practices, and then actually do the daily updates to keep your school’s website current, informative, useful, and compliant. It can and should be a vital communications resource and the go-to place for parents to get the information they need. With your help, and our dedicated staff, we provide exactly these services to hundreds of schools throughout the country (and beyond).

It’s all about the process

In order to make any communication strategy work, you need to have a process in place. Those processes must include:

  • Creating a best practices guide for your school’s website and social media strategies as well as how to implement them—this will include a style guide, intuitive website navigation practices, and strategic communication goals 
  • Ongoing training so that everyone is on the same page
  • Reminders to school staff to encourage the flow of information that must make its way to the website and into your social media so parents actually know about the great things happening within the walls of your school
  • Consistent methodology so that the website stays looking professional year in and year out
  • Proofing and editing so that your copy reflects how an educational organization should be represented
  • Incorporating overall communication goals into the website—and that includes use of photos, videos, site load times, tone of voice, storytelling, and keeping all that information current
  • Maintaining website accessibility compliance in accordance with WCAG 2.0 standards

If your school has these processes in place as part of your communication strategies, then kudos to you. If you do, you probably have a dedicated staff member, likely a communications specialist, taking care of it for you, and he or she is likely focused on just the district website. However, if you aren’t a school that is large enough or well-funded enough to afford this luxury, we can help. Or, if you recognize the value of having each of your individual school websites achieve the same communications level as your main office or district site, now you can get that for less than you can hire more staff to manage it.

Because we have all of these processes in place and the staff trained to implement proven strategies for you, your school’s communication strategies can quickly rival those of any school. While it might sound just too good to be true, we can assure you that it’s not. We have nearly to 500 schools who can attest to it. We can do it because we hire skilled professionals who work from home offices all over the U.S., who provide their expertise to you for less than half of what those same skills would cost if you had to hire them directly. 

Let us show you how it works, and judge for yourself if our services would be a good match for your school’s website and your communication needs. If we aren’t a good match for you, we will even recommend some content management software platforms that may be. 

Seriously. We’re really only happy if you are; even if that means sending you to a competitor. So, either give Jim a call at 888.750.4556 or REQUEST A QUOTE and let us know what website or communications challenge your school is facing. We might just be able to can take that pain away.

Bonnie Leedy, CEO