Client Spotlight: Braination

Network of Premier Private Schools and Public Charter Schools | 9 Schools in Texas

Client Summary

BRAINATION is a network of premier private schools and public charter schools that believe in challenging traditional approaches to education. It values innovative teaching techniques, modern learning spaces, and contemporary curriculum.

In 2018, BRAINATION changed its name from John H. Wood Charter and contracted School Webmasters to do a site redesign for them. School Webmasters helped BRAINATION create a beautiful new Premier website.

Project Overview

BRAINATION was looking for a modern, fun look that matched their motto: “Inspiring greatness.” Unique from most school districts, part of the BRAINATION network includes six JHW Inspire Academy Residential Schools—all of which needed subpages included on the website.

Website Features

Custom banners

Because BRAINATION opted for a fully custom website design, designers had the freedom to create a custom banner in the header for almost every page of its website. Here are a few examples of their custom banners.

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ADA compliance

BRAINATION is committed to ensuring website accessibility. Every effort is continuously made to provide content that conforms to the most current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Part of ensuring accessibility is providing a way for site visitors to report any accessibility issues. Included on BRAINATION’s website is an accessibility feedback form.

Individual school websites

A cost-effective way for smaller and/or rural schools to have a professional school website is to include the school “site” as an individual subpage on the main/district website. BRAINATION follows this model with some of it’s smaller network schools. Six JHW Inspire Academy Residential Schools and one of its other partner schools have their own pages on the main website. For these schools, a full website isn’t necessary. Their personal pages have all the necessary information available, such as an “about us” section, administration and contact information, a calendar, etc.

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Anne Frank Inspire Academy

Anne Frank Inspire Academy is part of BRAINATION’s network. As a free K–12 public charter school, Anne Frank Inspire Academy needed a more robust website. Using one of our standard website designs, School Webmasters designed a simple, but beautiful site for the school.