Client Spotlight: Maricopa Institute of Technology

College Preparatory High School | Phoenix, AZ

Client Summary

Maricopa Institute of Technology (MIT) is a college preparatory high school providing focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM²). The school boasts high quality teachers, a beautiful facility, the latest STEM technology, and advanced curriculum all in a public school setting.

School Webmasters undertook a website development project for MIT in 2007.

Project Overview

MIT requested a professional, modern, cutting-edge look for its new website. The school wanted its premier, custom website to reflect its hi-tech facility and portray the prestigious programs available.

School Webmasters designers incorporated everything from hover effects to pop-ups to noval drop-down menus all on the site’s home page. The strategic website features paired with the sophisticated graphics truly make this school website stand out.

MIT prides itself on the quality of its staff. Not only is it imperative that the school fill open positions with the best applicants, it also aims to create a pool of candidates should a future opening occur. To this extent, the Job Opportunities page incorporates a widget that integrates with its HR job applicant tracking system.

Website Features

Program highlight links on the home page

Below the main navigation and banner image of MIT’s beautiful campus are links to the school’s principal courses of study: science, technology, engineering, and math. The links are represented graphically with the appearance of text as a mouse-over hover effect. With a click of the mouse, each course of study has its own dedicated sub page where visitors can learn more about the course offerings.

MIT Program Features
Quick fact pop-up on the home page

Also on the home page, below the courses of study graphic links are quick facts about the school. Clicking on these interactive icons brings up a pop-up with more information and links about MIT’s branded image. It is a school that is intellectually diverse, driven by excellence in education, and collaborative innovation as well as being globally focused.

Interest lead drop-downs on home page

One indicator of a great school website is its interest lead features that direct site visitors easily to the information they want. School Webmasters designed interactive, topic-of-interest (Internships, Campus Life, Programs, etc.) graphics on which site visitors can click to read more and then follow the call-to-action link to learn more.

MIT Drop Down
MIT partner logos hover feature

MIT partners with many educational institutions and companies. Every partner receives its logo and backlink prominently displayed on MIT’s website. Each logo features a hover effect that enlarges the logo when site visitors linger over the graphic with their mouse.

Job opportunities

To help the school fill open positions and build its candidate pool, MIT’s Job Opportunities page incorporates a widget that integrates with its HR job applicant tracking system. This allows the school to post position qualifications using expandable content and candidates to complete an application without leaving the school’s website.