Client Spotlight: August Martin High School

Public High School | South Jamaica, Queens, NY

Client Summary

August Martin High School is a small, public school with a large campus feel in New York. Students are held to high standards and gain career-specific skills by participating in the Career & Technical Education (CTE) program. August Martin High School prioritizes student wellness, readiness to learn, personalized instruction, community partnerships, and family engagement as students focus on college readiness and future careers through their culinary and aviation programs.

Project Overview

August Martin High School requested an edgy and energetic yet structured and professional tone for their website. It opted for a customized template, which allowed the school to stay in budget and still offer the freedom to add custom features like additional colors and personalized graphics.

The School Webmasters design team used a sky blue to complement the school’s branded colors of royal blue and gold. The school favors its airplane logo over its falcon mascot, and the design team went above and beyond to incorporate logo elements throughout the website from the detail on the Quick Links menu to the hover effect in the navigation bar.

Partnerships between the school and its community are key for August Martin; therefore the website includes pages for extracurricular activities, academics, special programs, and additional educational resources.

Website Features

Logo detail throughout the website

August Martin High School’s logo includes details of a compass. That detail is incorporated throughout the site from the header to the footer.

Logo Details
Quick links

Rather than bury information, two or more clicks deep, the site’s Quick Links menu offers parents, students, employees, and community members easy access to the information most pertinent to them.

August Martin Quick Links

ADA compliance

August Martin High School makes an extra effort to serve its students with special needs and disabilities. One way it demonstrates this is by making and keeping its website accessible according to ADA guidelines. In addition to developing an accessible website, School Webmasters’ accessibility department helped the school craft an accessibility policy.

Educational resources

One of August Martin High School’s priorities is to build a strong relationship between school and home. One way it accomplishes this is by providing helpful resources to its students and the community. Check out the Educational Resources page to see the collection of helpful links curated by School Webmasters.

Programs and activity pages

Students at August Martin are encouraged to get involved and be active participants in their education. School Webmasters’ incredible copywriters curated the content for several of the site’s pages with that idea in mind—just one of the perks of partnering with School Webmasters. Check out the extracurricular activities, academics, and special programs pages.

August Martin Extracurricular Activities page

Website Reaction

August Martin High School is thrilled with their beautiful website and are excited to have such an organized and professional online presence. Kudos to the amazing development team that soared above and beyond the client’s expectations!

-Laura Archibald, Project Coordinator