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Website Content
Your school website should be the best place to provide information to parents and the community.

Improve your communications by improving the quality of the content on your website.

Don't Build a New Website and Copy and Paste Your Old Content

Transferring your old content to a brand new website is like putting dirty socks on nice, clean feet. School Webmasters improves your old website content before reorganizing it into a new, user-friendly layout.

New Website, New Content!

Our dedicated copywriters work closely with your school to create branded, professional, inviting content to fill your pages. Your website content will follow best practices regarding structure, formatting, tone, and style.

It's Included

Unlike other school website services, this copywriting service, which is vital to your school’s brand, is included in the cost of a School Webmasters website.

How it Works
Here’s What You Do

It’s the start of summer vacation for Ellsworth Elementary School, and Josie, the school’s administrative assistant, needs to add the summer food program hours to their website.

Step 1 Log in

Josie logs into the School Webmasters customer service portal.

Step 2 Compose Request

Josie types up the following:

Step 3 Submit

From start to finish, the whole process took Josie about one and a half minutes.

What Happens Next
Here's What We Do

Renee, the School Webmasters updater, takes the information provided by Josie and creates an update that has a friendly tone and active voice. The announcement is formatted and styled according to best practices.

The update to the school website reads:

Also, rather than clutter the Home page with information that will be outdated in a few months, Renee places the announcement on the News page and links to it from the news teaser on the Home page. The announcement will stay on the News page until July 1, when it will expire and no longer display.

The best part? Josie didn’t have to worry about any of that! The correct formatting, placement, punctuation, and grammar are all taken care of by School Webmasters!

Keep Your Website Content Current & OrganizedLet Us Do the Hard Part

Many schools that try to manage their own websites end up with websites that are:

  • Outdated
  • Disorganized
  • Unhelpful
  • Reflect poorly on the school and its administrators
School Webmasters

Management with School Webmasters’ services ensures your website is always:

  • Current
  • Organized
  • Helpful
  • Branded to reflect your amazing programs and people!