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Processes to make your school shine

You have lots to do. Put us to work and get more done than ever before – quickly and simply.

Getting it all done

A lot goes into managing the processes to make your school website effective while improving your school communications. Let's review just a few of those areas in more detail below:


We'll coordinate all the stages of website and social media development to make your school communication effective and engaging. 

In addition to the design & development, when your school website is live, you receive: 

  • content and graphic website updates
  • quality control checks
  • ADA compliant updates
  • monthly staff reminders 

You get all the skillsets required to get the job done quickly and accurately with no burden on school staff. 

You'll immediately enjoy better customer service, public relations, school marketing, and communications, while saving administrative time and school funds. 

 Dedicated website management is what it takes to maintain the best school website. Having a cool new website isn't enough and is only the start!

Content Updates

Your school website's purpose is to serve as your school's communications center. It must be current, informative, engaging, and easy to use.

We'll make this a reality by completing your website updates, proofing content, and keeping your site compliant, intuitive, and professional. Put our staff to work telling your school's stories, highlighting your successes, and making you shine.

Our staff will have your back. We are trained in ADA website compliance, website best practices, style guide compliance, grammar and punctuation. We ensure that your school website stays in top form year after year.

School Website Best Practices

Keep those school-level websites current and engaging. (Learn more)

Implement consistent branding and messaging in all communications strategies.

Make effective school communications a top priority with staff, your school websites, and school social media. (More tips)

Maintain the highest website standards, which include following a style guide, ADA compliance, using royalty free images, and taking quality photos.

Follow great website design and layout practices, including having responsive and mobile-friendly websites.

  • Never worry about website management staff turnover again.
  • No more training or retraining each year.
  • No worry about who understands and complies with the ever-changing ADA compliance requirements, style guides, or proper communications tone and messaging.

When we are your professional staff, we manage the training and management so you enjoy continuous, quality services with none of the hassle.

  • Standards are set and followed to maintain consistent messaging, tone, and style.
  • Design and layout remain consistent. Everyone adding content and images knows the requirements.
  • Obtaining and maintaining current and informative school websites is the focus day after day.

Your school website must be a reliable and accurate source for current information. Parents want to rely on this communications resource. You accomplish this when you put our staff on the job for you!

Get the skillsets you need for the job. Stop expecting your busy staff to take on new tasks they aren't trained for or interested in doing.

No other industry would expect their IT director to act as their communications expert. Why do schools?