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Are You an Education Organization?

If you are serving in an educational organization, what you do and how you do it must be communicated to your customers. Your website and social media is the first and often your last impression of what you have to offer. When you effectively communicate how you can solve the problems of your customers and how you can help them accomplish their goals, you are more likely to become an integral and valued partner.

Whether you are an educational service center, a PAC, a parent teacher organization (PTA or PTO), a BOCES or educational service agency, a school administrator’s association, or any other club or organization, your primary goal is to provide your audience with the timely, accurate information they need. It must be convenient and well communicated. Your education organization must market itself in order to be found and to serve. That means maintaining dedicated online communication resources—particularly your organization website.

School Webmasters specializes in the needs of educators and the experts who serve them.  We recognize that your organization needs to focus on what you do best, and that may not be marketing and public relations communications. But, that is exactly what we can do for you. Our behind the scenes team of professionals can take your communications efforts to the next level. 

Our website services include recommendations for best practices, professional copywriters, responsive designs, and intuitive navigational structure—all of which contributes to an amazingly effective website. However, that is just where our services begin. We then continue to provide you with full-service management for your ongoing website needs that includes site updates, proofing and editing, recommendations, quality control—all done by real people who know what your needs are. If you select to use our social media services as well, we coordinate all of your website communications efforts with your social media marketing to create a comprehensive marketing strategy to better serve your audience. 

We focus on what we do best so you can focus on your core organizational goals. We provide you with the time and staff to help your organization reach those objectives.

A few examples of the types of educational organization websites we develop and manage are:

  • BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services)
  • Educational Service Centers and Educational Service Agencies
  • PTA websites, PTO websites, and PAC websites
  • Educational Foundations
  • Sports teams, school bands, and other school organization websites
We can also provide affordable education website templates that will provide your service organization with a responsive website design. Contact us today to learn how we can make your shine to your organization members!