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Client Spotlight: Fountain Hills Unified School District

3 Schools| Over 1,500 Students | Fountain Hills, Arizona

Client Summary

Fountain Hills Unified School District covers just more than 19 square miles and serves students from the town of Fountain Hills and the nearby Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation. Parents appreciate the intimate environment and outstanding academic and extracurricular opportunities the district offers. 

Project Summary

Fountain Hills is a unique town and one of the fastest growing communities in Arizona. The district boasts three schools—an elementary, a middle, and a high school—that serve about 1,500 students. The administrators wanted a website that would showcase the exceptional services the district offers. They chose a premier school website design, which allowed them total freedom to design a custom, unique district website with matching school sites. School Webmasters designers are known for their ability to “find the yes” and delighted the district with the tailored, distinct design. 

Website Features

Important information box in banner

Located under the navigation in the graphic banner is a box for important information. Fountain Hills uses this area to post notices and announcements that are vital to the school community.

Quick facts

Throughout the relatively small community of FHUSD are many accomplishments, which they can proudly share on their website. These include its national rankings and extracurricular excellence. School Webmasters developed a way to display these statistics in the form of quick fact graphics on their home page that can be easily edited and updated as they achieve new goals and accomplishments. 

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a CSS design feature that allows background images on a website to move slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth. Fountain Hills asked for this design feature on their homepage, which adds dynamic movement to the site. 

Trumba calendar

School Webmasters partners with Trumba calendars. Fountain Hill uses their interactive calendar to improve communication with parents. Site visitors can search for and display the events for all the schools in the district or just the locations for which they have a vested interest. Parents can also subscribe to the calendar and receive a weekly email of events or sync the calendars with their personal calendar

Matching school websites

The Fountain Hills Unified School District comprises three schools—an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school. School Webmasters brought its custom website design to all three school websites. The school sites are similar to the district site and still allow the schools to express their own personalities. This allows the district to maintain its brand.

Website Reaction 

“This launch is part of our undertaking to provide students, staff members, parents and community residents with important, relevant, current communication. Designed with the user experience in mind, these new websites are clean, organized and responsive.” 

-Superintendent Dr. Patrick Sweeney. 

The new Fountain Hills websites were featured in the local paper. Check out the community announcement that accompanied the launch of these beautiful websites