School Website Management

Hire Top-Quality Teachers by Focusing Your School Website on What Teachers are Seeking 2022-09-13

When you are looking for qualified teachers, for example, you want to find teachers who appreciate and seek to work in a school with your values and services. Evidence shows that one of the first steps job seekers will do when they learn of your job openings is visit your school website site to get a feel for what your school offers. Does your school site provide that?

What Makes the Best School Websites Work? 2022-07-26

The critical goals of any school website are to:

#1. Engage and inform your existing students, their parents, and your staff 

#2. Market your strengths and successes to potential students and staff

To achieve these goals, your school's website must be designed with intuitive navigation and easy-to-find content—and be kept current and informative. How is your school doing?

13 Ways to Create an Effective School Website from a Parent's Perspective 2022-04-26

You know what makes your school great. You know your school's struggles. You know what you want your parents and prospective parents to know. But are you sure you know what they want and they need from your school website?

How to write a caption 2022-03-08

It is important to remember that photo captions are the most read text in a publication (only headlines have a higher readership than captions). So, when we want our readers to be engaged and informed, our use of captions matters.

How to write website headlines your readers will love 2022-02-22

Your school website’s purpose is to inform existing parents and to attract prospective parents. You can’t do that without attracting readers, which means writing a compelling headline that will grab the attention of those desired readers.

Why You Don't Need an App for That 2022-02-08

Before considering an app, take a look at your website. Since your website is your face to the public (an app is only available to existing parents), your efforts here should be your highest priority. Beware the slick sales pitch and take a look at your website before jumping into the app jungle.

3 Steps to Expert School Website Management 2022-01-25

Your school’s website is that critical intersection between public relations, customer service, marketing, media relations, communications, and branding. Website management is the process that makes this a reality.

School Website Management Done Right 2021-09-28

Many school leaders struggle with how best to manage their school’s website(s). If you want to set up strategies to provide a website that continually serves your parents and community, let’s look at what constitutes best practices in school website management.

Are Parents Using Your School Website? 2021-07-13

Are parents in your community really using your website? If they are, you’ll want to make sure you know what they use it for most often so you can stay on top of those services. If they aren’t, then you’ll want to know why so you can make changes to better serve them.

School Website Management: It May Be Time to Get Some Help! 2021-06-08

So, how do you effectively and affordably manage the critical tasks of website management? Consider getting some help from experts trained to manage school websites. 

It Might Be Time to Update Your School Website If… 2021-05-25

Websites also have become essential for all organizations—from Fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations, and, yes, even for your school. You certainly don’t need to overhaul your school’s website every year, but you do need to make sure you're presenting your school in the best light by keeping up with current website trends. 

School Websites: Leader, Lemming, or Loser? 2021-05-11

There are always leaders and lemmings in the world. Of course, you want your school website to be viewed as an asset and representative of your outstanding educational services. But often, unbeknownst to many respected educators, their school websites are lemmings, or worse, they are losers, and the school administrators are not even aware of it. How can you fix this problem?

Home Page Makeover—The Power of An Effective School Website 2021-01-26

Your school website is your face to the public. It’s your chance to create a favorable first impression. Here are some tips about how to do it right!

Does Your School Website Need an FAQ Page? 2021-01-12

Does your school website need a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page? The short answer is yes. But let’s consider the reasons to include it and talk about how to create an effective FAQ page. 

5 Tips to Upgrade Your School's Image 2020-11-24

Let’s look at a few areas that contribute to a positive first impression, each of which we have considerable control over.

How to Minimize Stress 2020-11-10

If we can be a part of helping others to feel less stress, why wouldn’t we? Your school website content can help!

Responsive School Websites Offer a Whole New World 2020-03-10

If your school doesn’t have a responsive website design yet, I’ve got bad news for you—your website is old and outdated! Let's fix that. 

How to Turn Your Entire Staff into a School News Army 2020-02-25

The most common complaint we hear from schools is that they struggle to get content from staff to keep their sites current, informative, and engaging. Learn how to solve those issues.

Show and Tell for Parent Engagement 2019-12-24

Your school website can benefit from the principles learned at show and tell. Learn how.

School Website + PTO = Fundraising Success! 2019-10-08

Need some tips to help your parent-teacher organizations help your school and connect with your community? Use your school website to get things rolling!

10 School Website Management Tips You've Never Heard Before 2019-09-17

Just like the office of your school or school district, school websites are a hub of activity. The experience your website provides matters—to your visitors and to you.

Does your CMS website software do this? 2019-08-27

Your school website is your primary communications and marketing resource. Success isn't about software but about your strategic process.

The Transformation of School Websites from Concept to Reality 2019-08-20

Unlike a butterfly preparing to transform, schools aren’t always sure what steps to take in order to maximize their school website’s potential. Learn how to do it right.

School Websites: What's the Big Deal? 2019-08-06

Your school's website is a powerful communications tool. Are you using yours to its best advantage?

DIY School Website Management 2019-07-02

School website management boils down to creating a memorable, inviting, and emotionally engaging experiences. The benefits are worth the effort!

Ideal Components of Successful Teacher Websites 2019-06-04

How can teachers help bridge the gap between home and school? Consider an effective teacher website!

Using school websites and social media to encourage parent engagement 2019-05-28

What if you could get your parents more engaged in their child's education? You can. Here's how.

The Changing Role of K–12 School Websites 2019-04-23

Can the information and design of your school website influence parent's choices for their child's education? The answer is a resounding yes!

Where are you spending your school website budget? Sales or Support? 2018-12-04

Where is your school spending the funds allotted to hosting and managing its website? Is it the best option and are you getting what you pay for?

Think Twice Before Moving Your School to a WordPress Site! 2018-11-20

In an effort to save money, has your school considered using a do-it-yourself software like WordPress? If so, weigh the pros and cons first.

School Calendars: Your One-Stop School Communications Tool 2018-11-06

As school marketers, we sometimes become distracted by all the wonderful tools we have at our disposal—the website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever the next new social media trend will be—that we sometimes don’t give one of the most efficient tools in our arsenal the attention it deserves. I’m talking about your district and school calendars. 

What Makes the Best School Websites? Part 1 2018-08-14

This is a question every school leader should ask. A school’s website is one of the most effective tools a school has to improve communication, engage parents, market its strengths, and build a solid, trusting reputation within its community. These are all benefits that improve education for our nation’s students, which makes achieving them worth the effort.

What's Really Going on Behind the Scenes of Your School Website? 2018-07-17

If you are considering undertaking a school website development process, I imagine you are feeling a bit stressed. Or if you've tried it and are ready to hire professionals, you've come to the right place.

Going to the Source 2018-04-10

While backpacking recently with my family, I was reminded of the value and refreshing nature of trusted sources. We hiked deep into the Grand Canyon along a popular trail. While water was everywhere, and we certainly enjoyed every minute playing in the turquoise blue pools and staring at the spectacular red rock backdrop, there were really only a few places to access clean drinking water. 

School websites—the Swiss army knife of influence and communications 2018-01-23

One of the most powerful tools a school has when it comes to implementing effective school communications is the school website. It’s like that indispensable Swiss Army knife that has nearly every possible tool in one convenient location. 

20 Tacky School Website Practices Schools Should Avoid 2017-11-28

If we provided the following list to most other industries, it would be old news. I’m pretty sure the whole article would get a response like, “duh!” from their readers.

Why Your IT Department Should NOT Manage Your School Communications 2017-11-14

No other industry would even consider asking their technology department to manage their communications, public relations, or marketing strategies. These two areas of expertise require radically different skillsets. It would be like asking a prima ballerina to conduct brain surgery. Both are experts in their fields, but their fields are vastly different. But public schools do it all the time. So, how did this come about?

What You Need in School Website Hosting 2017-06-20

When looking for a new school website hosting provider, there are some areas to consider before making your selection.

Parents: Raving Fans or Raging Foes? 2017-05-23

In the field of education, we often don't think of ourselves as service providers. We just don't relate what we are doing in education as being about customer service.

School Website Superheros! 2016-10-28

Find out what our secret weapon is for managing a successful website development project--and it's not what you might expect!

Don’t Bench Your School-level Websites 2016-08-23

When it comes to school websites, many schools don’t recognize their most valuable players and often don’t even put them in the game. Typically, all the focus is on the main office or district website. If you aren’t using your school-level websites as strategic communications tools, it is like only playing your second string all season.

Whipping Your School Website into Shape 2016-06-20

It's summer and if you're like most educators, you're enjoying the quiet hallways, catching up on piles of paperwork, and working on your summer maintenance projects. While your school is getting whipped into shape with new coats of paint and clean carpets, don't forget that your website needs some summer TLC as well.

The 3 Simple Principles Behind Keeping Your School’s Website Current 2016-04-25

Learn how your school’s website can serve your audience needs while cultivating a positive school reputation using these principles.

Could your school use website help? 2015-12-08

Your support staff is busy, your teachers are overwhelmed, and administrators are wearing many hats. Now there is a solution to keeping your website current.