School Social Media

More Instagram for Schools 2022-10-25

You know about Instagram—it’s the photo-sharing, mobile-based, social platform that appeals to every generation from x to z. But when it comes to social media for schools, many school administrators may question whether or not the return on investment makes it worth the time and effort it requires to manage it. Let's find out!

Grow Your Enrollment by Integrating Your School Website and Social Media Marketing Strategies 2022-07-12

When it comes to marketing strategies as they pertain to student recruitment, we're talking about promoting the services we have to offer that will lead to increased enrollment to meet our enrollment goals.

There are several simple, organic ways to integrate your social pages with your school website. And as you keep the flow moving between the two, your school will rank higher and higher and be picked up by most search engines, like Google, allowing you to be found and letting the world know what student life could be like for them at your school.

An Argument For Pinterest’s Place in Your School Social Media 2022-06-28

Pinterest has a reputation as a platform women use to plan their next home renovation and learn to make mason jar salads. But hang in here with us for a minute or two as we make an argument for why your school should add Pinterest to your social media platforms.

School Social Media: a Beacon of Hope When Done Well 2021-10-26

How will you respond to a crisis? How will you answer criticism or negative comments? How will you navigate the dangerous waters that threaten your community? Are you prepared and trained properly? You can use your social media platforms to do it.

5 Steps to Craft the Perfect Social Media Post 2021-09-14

Managing your school’s social media can be a challenge. To make your posts engaging and effective is even more so. But, there are some basics you should know and use with school social media strategies. In this blog, you’ll learn five steps to get it right.

Raising a Healthy, Happy Social Media Page 2020-10-27

You must raise and nurture your school’s social media platforms if they are to be successful. Learn four ways to nurture your social media channels.

School Social Media: Are You Talking to an Empty Room? 2019-04-09

Are you struggling to get engagement on your school social media posts? Find out what you should be doing to create and manage successful school social media.

Meaningful Social Media for Schools 2018-09-18

This month our social media team reminded us that school social media can (and should!) be so much more than the same old, tired news post or calendar reminder on our social media streams. With a little extra investment and the courage to be personal, schools can turn their social media into a truly unifying force with their overall community.

6 Things People Actually Want to See on Your Social Media Pages 2018-07-31

 A strategic communications plan for your social media can improve relationships with parents, build trust, and encourage engagement. When it comes to school communication, parents want important information such as events and meetings, policy changes, and news that affects the education of their child. However, this is information better suited for e-mails, newsletters, and the school website.

6 Tips for Handling Your School's Reputation Online 2018-05-15

How do you envision the impact of negative comments on your community’s perception of your school? In this blog, we’ll provide some informative tips to help you take action to protect your school’s reputation online via your school blogs, website, social media, or other online site.  

Instagram for Schools 2018-04-24

A few weeks ago, my 15-year-old daughter competed in a music festival. I was so excited to see that her band teacher posted about it on the school Facebook page! When she got home that day, I said, “Did you see the nice FB post about the competition?” She stared back blankly. That’s right, I remembered, she doesn’t have a Facebook account. Neither do most of her friends. 

School Social Media FAQ 2018-02-20

When it comes to school social media management, there are those who outsource and those who prefer to learn what they need to keep things in-house. 

This is NOT the End of Facebook! 2018-01-17

Despite what you may have heard, the Facebook world is NOT coming to an end. Still, with a term like “Facebook Apocalypse” being thrown around, we felt it best to spend a little time chatting with you about what Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement concerning the changes Facebook will be making to their algorithm means for you. 

School Social Media Managers: A Calm Voice Amidst the Storm 2017-12-12

I was relieved when I logged in to Facebook this morning to see that a friend of mine had checked in as “safe” from the Wildomar Wildfire, a fire that was actively threatening the area where she lives. 

School Social Media Management 101, Part 2: 2016-11-15

Welcome back, class! If you’re stepping in to this two-part series about effective social media management for schools without having read the first part, we invite you to take a moment to do so. If you're all caught up, read on!

School Social Media Management 101, Part 1 2016-11-08

So, you’ve finally seen the light and made social media a part of your school’s communication strategy. Congratulations! You've read blogs and e-books, watched DIY videos, and your school social media pages are up and running. Now what?

Is Your School’s Communication Becoming Irrelevant? 2016-05-24

Your school’s students, parents, staff, and prospects are already using social media to stay involved. So choose your platform, set up your pages, and get involved!